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Sleeping With Eyelash Extensions: The Dos and Don’ts

If you have eyelash extensions, you know how wonderful it is to put on makeup and go throughout your day with beautiful long lashes. But if you’re not used to this extra attention, you’re probably wondering how to sleep with eyelash extensions and still have them look nice the next morning.

Well, you’re in luck! This blog post will provide valuable insight into the dos and don’ts for sleeping with eyelash extensions so that you can wake up camera ready every morning!

The Dos

Do Use a Satin Pillowcase

Sleeping on a satin pillowcase can be a game-changer when wearing eyelash extensions. Unlike cotton, satin is gentle and allows the extensions to glide easily across the fabric, reducing any friction that could otherwise cause breaking. It keeps your luscious lashes clean and tangle-free and helps them look their best day after day. You’ll wake up each morning looking as if you just stepped out of the salon with your lashes still sitting perfectly in place. The convenience and peace of mind make it well worth the small investment needed for a top-grade satin pillowcase.

Do Sleep on Your Back

When you’ve decided to up your beauty game with new eyelash extensions, there’s one fundamental rule for beauty sleep: sleep on your back. This seemingly simple prerequisite ensures that those lush lashes stay put and continue to look flawless morning after morning. Doing so keeps them from damage caused by ending up in the creases of the face or being flattened by sleeping on your side.

Do Wear a Cupped Face Mask

Sleeping with eyelash extensions means keeping your face from being smothered at night. Picking up a cupped facemask can be a quick and simple solution to protecting your delicate eyelash extensions while you sleep. Not only will it protect your eyelash extensions during those late-night beauty snoozes, but its unique structure allows them to form around the contours of your face, creating ultimate comfort and protection from lash breakage. 

The Don’ts

Don’t Use Oil-Based Products

When you have eyelash extensions, you may have to adjust your nighttime skincare routine. One key rule of thumb is not to use oil-based products near your eyes during your nightly beauty routine. Oil-based cleansers, serums, and moisturizers can break down the adhesive bonds between the natural lashes and the extensions, causing them to fall out prematurely. While olive oil is great for your hair shafts and skin, it’s not so friendly for your lash extensions. To maintain their volume and length with ease and grace, keep those oils tucked away until you’re ready for them to come off!

Don’t Get Them Wet Too Soon

You’ve just had the extensions applied, and you’re feeling fabulous. But that doesn’t mean it’s time for a long, hot shower or a dip in your favorite swimming hole! While the adhesive used to secure lash extensions should be waterproofed once it has finished curing, there is still a chance that water may penetrate and weaken the bond before then. The adhesive needs anywhere from 24-48 hours to be fully sealed and set. So resist the urge to dive in too soon – you’ll thank yourself later!

Don’t Pull Them Out.

This might seem obvious, but it can’t be emphasized enough: do not pull out your eyelash extensions yourself! Not only is this incredibly painful (yes, even with numbing cream!), but it can also damage your natural eyelashes. It’s best to go back to the salon and have them properly removed with a special solution.

Don’t Sleep with Makeup on

Wearing makeup while you sleep is generally frowned upon, but that goes double when you have eyelash extensions! While sleeping in your makeup may save time in the morning, it could have costly consequences. Not only can sleeping in makeup cause your lashes to become matted and tangled, but the adhesive can also break down further, which can lead to a shorter lifespan for those long, glamorous lashes you worked so hard to get.

Don’t Rub Them

When you have eyelash extensions, the golden rule is to treat them with tender love and care. Tempting as it may be to rub or pull at your lashes while cleaning them or removing your makeup, exercising any kind of force on these delicate additions. Do not push your luck here, as repeated misuse can do more harm than good, potentially damaging the natural lash follicles and resulting in bald spots and patches. Take the gentler cleansing route for a beautiful and lasting set of extensions instead – think of touching as a chance to shower your eyes with affection!

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