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Seal Team Season 4 Delay, Plot, Cast& Other Details

Seal Team is a popular series that is soon coming up with a new season. It was about to release very soon but it seems there is a delay due to the US presidential election. The filming schedule has been delayed so we are most likely to have this series a little later than expected.CBS channel has been covering the news of politics very diligently and that is why most of their top shows are seeing a delay. We have got all the updates regarding Seal Team season four so take a look below:

Why is season four of the Seal Team delayed?

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As we have already discussed that due to presidential elections in the USA everyone has been busy.CBS was busy covering the elections and people were busy with voting and hoping their favorite will become the president of the USA. There are many top-rated shows on CBS that are seeing either a delay or cancellation from the channel. Seal Team is another popular series that will air the new season in December rather than November. Fans are eagerly waiting for the fourth season to release and they cannot wait for it to come out. The special and elite group of Navy members will once again be taking new missions. The leader of the team is Jason Hayes.

What is the plot of Seal Team Season 4?

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The plot of the Seal team revolves around the Bravo Team that is subunits of the US Navy. The members are tough and they have to deal with dangerous and lethal missions. The missions are taking place all over the world and they have to take care of all these things very well. The fourth season is going to focus on more intense missions and it is named God of War. You will be surprised to know that Steve Boreanaz is going to be directing the show. Bravo Team will be making its entry into Spin Ghar Mountains in Afghanistan. They are on a mission to search for AL-Hazard who happens to be a song of the terrorist that has been captured by Jason. It is going to be a pretty dangerous mission as there are plenty of tunnels and difficult areas for entry.

Who is in the cast of Seal Team season 4?

The cast of the seal team season 4 is very talented and they all are doing their roles very well. You will get connected with each of the characters. Here is a list of all the cast members below:

  • David Boreanaz
  • Max Thieriot
  • Neil Brown Jr
  • AJ Buckley
  • Toni Trucks
  • Jessica Paré
  • Judd Lormand

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When will Seal Team Season 4 release?

According to the makers’ Seal Team, Season 4 will release on December 2nd. It will start with a two hour special so the viewers are going to be on a thrilling ride. The new season is going to be even bigger and better. So mark your calendars and don’t forget to watch it on your favorite CBS network.

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