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Samsung Galaxy S11, S11 Plus, And S11e: Release Date And Everything We Know

New Year is approaching and all the big mobile brands are getting ready for new mobile launches. Samsung one of the most popular mobile brands in the world is coming up with S11, S11 Plus, and S11 e. Towards the end of February we are expecting to know all the details about S11. So far there have been rumors about the design and specs about the S11 lineup. A few highlights have been revealed about how the S11 lineup would look like. We have a few rumors about internals and specs of the S11 series. In this post, we will tell you everything we know about the S11 family.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Design

A reliable leaker @onleaks has revealed a lot of details about the S11 family. According to @onleaks, the Samsung Galaxy S11 will have a design described below.

The camera module of the rectangular shape

The Samsung Galaxy S10 family had a center-aligned camera but the S11 series would have a rectangular camera module.

Punch whole selfie camera

The punch whole camera in the S10 family is likely to change a bit for the S11 lineup. There are chances that the S11 would adopt the design of the camera of the S10 family with a slight change where the camera will be centered.

No Bixby button

The rumors suggest that all the physical buttons of the S11 series would be on the right side of the device. The Bixby button that is usually found on the left side is probably going to be axed.

No headphone jacks

The S11 family would not have a headphone jack which is happening for the first time in the S line.

Samsung Galaxy S11e

Considering the Samsung Galaxy S10e we are expecting the S11e to be the cheapest out of the Samsung S11 family. They are most probably going to cut a few design structures here and there to cut the costs.

One of the most prominent changes that are going to make S11e different is that it will have a curved display The Samsung Galaxy S10e had a flat display but it seems like Samsung is going all out to give curvy displays to all their devices.

The fingerprint sensor is also rumored to be missing in the device. We can expect an in-display fingerprint sensor and an optical fingerprint sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S11

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is rumored to quite similar to the S11e in terms of design and appearance. The S11 will be a little bigger and a better quality camera is expected. The S11 will also have a curved display. The curve of the S11 seems to be less extreme than the older versions of the Samsung Galaxy family.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus is rumored to be pretty similar to S11. There doesn’t seem to be much difference between the two except a curved display. However, there seems to be a significant difference. The lenses in the camera module may be different and they might be aligned differently. The lenses on the S11 Plus might appear to be scattered on the base of the mobile.

Release Date and Price

Samsung is a big brand and people all over the world are excited about the new launches. Whether the new launch of the S11 series will be successful or not we will have to wait and watch. The Samsung Galaxy family is expected to launch in mid-February 2020. As far as the pricing is concerned it probably is going to be similar or maybe lower than the S10 range.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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