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Sami Zayn Wants To Have A Match Against New WWE Champ Brock Lesnar

Sami Zayn has revealed something interesting. He want to have a faceoff against the new WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. Whether it is possible or not is another question but he has expressed his desire. As wrestlers are headed into the first RAW of 2022 they are still not sure what is ahead for them. Sami believes that even if his match against Brock has not happened as yet it will happen soon. According to his twitter statement he says:  “This match didn’t happen at Day 1, “But it will happen 1 day.” Here are more details from about this story:

Sami Zayn wants to have a match against Brock Lesnar

On SmackDown Sami Zayn has had an interesting series of recent run-ins with Brock. He squandered his shot at WWE Universal Championship. This title is currently held by Roman Reigns. Sami has already earned a title shot after winning the Battle Royal. The SmackDown happened in late November and fans are hoping to see something exciting again. Brock appeared on one of the episodes and convinced Sami to challenge Reigns at the same event.

Even though Sami agreed to this challenge his match for the Universal Championship turned out to be a disaster. Brock started to move against Sami before the start of this match. At the same time Roman pinned Zayn and that too in a matter of few seconds. Brock got the chance to win the WWE Championship at day 2 of WWE’s pay per view. He also won an important 5-way title match by working against former Champion Big E with the F5.

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Match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns canceled

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Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns were scheduled to challenge against each other for the Universal Championship. However due to COVID-19 Roman pulled out of this match. The win of Brock Lesnar was convincing and he will be back into the regular mix at RAW. He has been appearing quite frequently on SmackDown. The series is now building towards the title match between him and Roman Reigns. Even the official website of WWE doesn’t feature Brock featured for this show.

Sami couldn’t appear during the Day 1 pay-per-view. He made his last appearance at the Christmas Eve episode of SmackDown. His fans have been excited that he won ’12 Days of Christmas’.  Due to these recent wins he has become the number one contender for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. This title is currently with Shinsuke Nakamura. The episode of SmackDown for the Christmas Eve have been interesting. It is the first ever show that was shot with live audience since the pandemic started. The episode that was aired on the New Year Eve has been the best of 2021 episode.

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