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Sadak 2 Review: Is It Worth Your Time?

Sadak 2 has finally made its way to your home screens. The theatres are closed due to coronavirus and Bollywood is facing losses due to that. As we know, there are several Bollywood movies that have already released and will be releasing soon and are opting to skip the theatres and are releasing directly on the home screen. One of the recently released movies is Sadak 2. The remake of the 90’s superhit movie Sadak was one of the most anticipated movies of 2020. Read our review to find out what the film offers.

Who is in the star cast of Sadak 2?

Sadak 2 has released on the small screen and many of you must have watched it already. The 1991 movie, Sadak has been revamped and made into a new movie called Sadak 2. The Mahesh Bhatt directorial film star cast includes one of the leads  Sanjay Dutt from the original movie and along with him are the two new-age stars, Alia Bhatt and Aditya Roy Kapur. Similar to the original Sadak the spotlight is on Sanjay Dutt’s character Ravi Kishore.

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Sadak 2: What is it all about?


Sadak 2 revolves around the life of Ravi who loses his lady love Pooja played by Pooja Bhatt in an accident. He finds his hard to cope up with his life and is looking for ways to end his life. Ravi is suicidal, and also starts to hallucinate about Pooja. Amid all these troubles, he crosses paths with Aaraya played by Alia Bhatt.  She is going for a Pooja and she convinces Ravi to go along with her.

The story of Aaraya is also revealed. During the journey, we get to know a lot of secrets about her.  She reveals about her mother’s death and how she cannot go on without her mother in life. We also get to meet her boyfriend, Vishal that is played by Aditya Roy Kapur.  The film also gives us a glimpse of their love story. The trio takes a road trip that is filled with twists and turns.  The journey ends up on a bittersweet destination.

Sadak 2 Review

Sadak 2 has a simple story but the execution is not that simple. Mahesh Bhatt has directed the movie after two decades and it feels as if he is still wearing the 90s’ tinted glasses on. Sadak 2 is a revamped version of the 90s Sadak and makes no sense. The film doesn’t have the tempo and the story that the audience can connect to. Many scenes are slow and boring and the story is also slow-paced. If you are bored and don’t have much to do in your schedule for today then you should give this movie a try.

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Performances of the actors

Alia has performed brilliantly and has done a great job in other popular films like Udta Punjab and Highway. But she hasn’t done justice to her role in Sadak 2. Alia has delivered two monologues in the film but they lack conviction. Aditya’s performance isn’t too impressive as well. He starts off well but doesn’t have much to do in the film. Alia and Sanjay have made him invisible after a point.

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