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Questions you should ask your prospective painter

Getting your home painted is one thing and getting it done right is an entirely different thing. Your home is a huge investment and the way it is painted makes a subtle statement about our personality and how we choose to communicate about ourselves.


A painting job that is long-lasting and is resistant to weather-related cracking, blistering, and fading, etc. depends a lot on the kind of painters that you hire. The colours that we choose to live in last for about five to seven years and should not only be versatile but also durable.

It is okay to feel a little overwhelmed while handing over the house-painting job to a painter. A good way to ease your edginess is to ask questions and a lot of them! Remember every painting work is unique and your questions, instead of being generic, should depend on your expectations.

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Here are some questions that you can ask and be assured of great results!

  • Who are they: It is always good to know the prospective painter’s experience, who runs their company, and if they are licensed. Signing a contract ensures responsibility and makes the painter liable. A painter who you know enjoys a good local reputation is a good bet. It is also good to ask about their customers’ testimonials. You should be allowed to speak to their past customers who have had an experience with him. You can also ask for their portfolio of wall painting designs that document a list of their best works.
  • The materials that they use: You will most definitely want to know the brands of materials that they use. It is not a good idea to skim costs at the expense of the durability of the paints and the quality of work. A painter using good quality materials would ensure that you don’t need to repaint your house in a couple of years.
  • Do they help in prepping for painting: Our homes are filled with hundreds of items including heavy pieces of furniture. It is good to ask the painter if prepping is including in his estimate or not. Else, you will end up spending more on hiring people just to move around stuff. If the painter is willing to do this, make sure that he takes complete responsibility and ensure there are no damages.
  • How many people will be on the job: Make sure to confirm the number of people who will be on the job before the painting work starts. You should not be given a certain number, which in reality doesn’t turn up to prolong the work and charge you more. It is good to have this written in your contract.
  • How much will the paint job cost: Some painters hesitate to give an exact cost beforehand because of fluctuations in the cost of supplies. Another reason is that the homeowners may put forth certain demands and alterations mid-way. You should still be provided a close to the real estimate. The payment milestones should also be decided beforehand. You should never pay half or more than half of the cost in advance. Stagger the payments as per the phases of the work.

Getting answers to these questions should not get you a painter who does an acceptable job but one who does an exceptional job of painting your house. Aapka Painter is one of the few painters in Bangalore who have professionalised the space of painting homes. They are one of the few service providers that use technology, automation, and service guarantee to give you tailor-made solutions for painting your home.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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