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Puppy Essentials: Everything You Will Need For Your New Puppy

You are undoubtedly eager to bring your new puppy home, especially if you have been yearning for a furball of your own for some time already. But it’s essential to prepare for your new puppy by getting everything they need.

This list of essentials details everything you will need as a new pet parent.

Nutritious Dog Food

A young pup has an insatiable appetite; your puppy will always be eager for food and treats. But this doesn’t mean you can overfeed your pup or feed them any pet food.

Instead, it’s wise to consult your vet. Your puppy will receive crucial vaccinations and a general health assessment during the first checkup. After that, the vet will recommend the most suitable pet food with consideration to the dog breed and any additional nutritional needs.

Once you know which pet food to buy, you can consider a dog food subscription. With this, keeping stock of puppy food is as effortless as possible.

Healthy Treats

You might think that puppy treats are optional extras that can be substituted with any food. But puppy treats are essential for training as part of a reward system. So, you’ll find it challenging to train your puppy without treats. Even so, it’s vital to choose healthy treats suitable for young puppies.

A Warm Dog Bed

Even if you decide to have your furbaby sleep with you on your bed, it’s still essential that your puppy has a comfortable and warm space of their own to rest and relax during the day. Moreover, if you decide to try crate training, you can keep a soft dog bed inside the crate to make it more of a comfortable space for your puppy.

Nevertheless, opting for a washable dog pet bed that’s spacious enough for your growing puppy is best. You’ll also want to buy a soft pet blanket.

Chew Toys

Unless you want your teething pup to resort to chewing on your furniture and other things in your home, you should get a few chew toys.

Choose puppy toys that are non-toxic and durable enough to last. Rope, leather, latex, and rubber are typically good materials to look for. While shopping for chew toys, you can also get a few pulling toys to keep your active furball entertained.

A Quality Collar And Lead

A crucial part of keeping an active puppy from becoming a destructive and unruly adult dog is ensuring they get enough exercise every day. Unless you have a large yard, you will need to take your pup for daily walks. So, you will need a quality collar or harness and a lead. Getting an ID tag with your puppy’s name and contact details is also worthwhile.

Once you have prepared the essentials listed above, it’s wise to read through a few puppy training guides. Otherwise, you can consider finding obedience classes in your area. Obedience classes make training a boisterous puppy a lot easier and less frustrating.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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