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Only professional pest control services can ensure pest-free homes

Besides maintaining clean homes, keeping them free from pests is critically important to ensure healthy living and avoid all nuisances associated with pests. Pests are unavoidable as it seeks refuge in almost every home because of the availability of the food sources that helps it not only survive but also multiply the population fast. While mice and cockroaches feed on food items, mosquitoes and bed bugs feed on human blood.

Since both are abundantly available in all homes, pests are only natural to invade our homes that become their favorite abode.  Pests multiply so fast that you cannot take chances with them and instead act quickly to eradicate them as soon as you detect their presence.  Even if you do not see the pests, they can make their presence felt from some signs that you should be familiar with.

Contacting a pest control company like Team Veterans Pest should be your first task in pest eradication from homes or offices.

Being alert in identifying some common pests at home should help take timely action to make your home pest-free.

Bugs, spiders, and insects

Although bugs are most unwanted at homes, the chances of bug infestations are pretty low because it usually does not reach your home on its own. Instead, you could be carrying bugs to your home unknowingly when you bring home some groceries or other items, and the pests cling to the packets or hide somewhere inside them. Sometimes it could cling to your garments when you travel on public transport. Some might even quietly crawl into your home when you take out your dog and leave the door ajar. However, flying insects can invade your home at any moment as it is almost impossible to plug the entries completely.  In both cases, you can try to control the pests by using some readily available insecticides, which, if fails, you should call for a professional pest control service provider.


Rodents pose serious health hazards and can damage property due to their gnawing habit and multiply your problems. Rodents are the sources of Hantavirus and viruses of bubonic plague, tularemia, and salmonella, all of which can cause various sicknesses. As rodents keep scurrying around for thousands of miles, they keep gathering disease, fleas, and other microscopic viruses and bacteria that can lead to many mystery diseases.

Keep your home and the entire premises, including the garage and garden, free from rodents by calling an exterminator that can effectively drive away from the mischievous pests for good and relieve your stress.


Wasps can be deadly due to their vicious sting, and although it does not cause any disease, you cannot ignore its nuisance value arising from aggression. Wasps can build homes in and around your home in the garden, lawn, or eaves and become a menace if allowed to grow.  Although wasps usually do not attack unless provoked but you should never take any chances. Deal with the menace of wasps with a firm hand, and only professional pest control services can drive it away by destroying their homes so that it does not come back.

Act fast and never take pests lightly because you could face an uphill task to deal with it later.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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