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Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Guide: Where to Catch Castform

Pokemon Sun and Moon is one of the most loved games and the game lovers are discussing the game and always trying to find ways to beat the levels in a successful way. Castform is one of the most popular Pokemon of Pokemon Sun and Moon. The game lovers love Castform and it is the favorite of everyone. It doesn’t take another form and also doesn’t evolve but it will take a completely different look depending on the weather condition. Pokemon as of now changes to three different forms of Pokemon.


When the weather is hot and sunny the Pokemon changes to a fire type Pokemon and when it is raining hard it changes into a water-type Pokemon. It looks the cutest when it changes into a snow Pokemon when it is snowing.

There are various ways to catch Castform in Pokemon Sun and Moon but most people find it hard to find the best method to catch Castform. According to some ardent fans of Pokemon Sun and Moon and people who have a high level of experience say that catching a Castform isn’t that hard but finding it in some particular form is what is the hardest. The transformation of the Castform depends on the weather condition so in order to catch a particular form of Castform the players have to wait for the weather to change.

Waiting for the right timing and the right weather is essential to catch the Castform. In this post, we will be throwing light on how to catch the Castform and what steps you need to take to become successful in catching the Castform you desire to possess.

Where can you find Castform in Pokémon Sun and Moon?

In Pokémon Sun and Moon there is an Alola Region which consists of a total of four islands. Castform can be found in major three or four islands. The names of these islands are Akala Island, Ulaula Island, and Poni Island. When you check out Akala Island you will see that Castform will be found in the Lush Jungle. In the Lush jungle, it will mostly rain and the Castform happens to be the most important Area. Ulaula Island is also another major Island where you can watch the Castform on Route 17. If this isn’t enough the Castform can also be found in Haina Desert, Tapu Village, and Malie Garden. Poni Island is another beautiful Island where you can find Castform. You can also find it on Exeggutor Island.

How can you catch Castform in the game?

There are many other Pokémon games but in Pokémon Sun and Moon Castform will appear only when Pokémon is need of help. The players are required to arrange an SOS battle in the nest of Castform and this is where they have the highest chance to encounter these options. If the players plan to catch Castform is a special form of transformation you have to check out the weather conditions. When the hunting is going on in the right place and whether the bonus points will be much higher. Lush Jungle is the only place among all the other islands where it rains the most.

The water type form of Castform will be seen in the Lush Jungle which will be a pretty interesting sight. Haina Desert which is located in Ulaula Island is another possible location where you can find Castform in the fire form. This area has a lot of harsh sunlight and interestingly Castform will be hot here.

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