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Pierre Cardin Net Worth, Salary, Career, Bio, Age, Death & More

Pierre Cardin was a popular Italian born French fashion designer who has got a huge net worth. He died today and many people have been pouring in their condolences for the family. There are many people who have known him over the years as there are few designers who are as popular as him. He has a multi-decade career and people know him as someone who has visionary and futuristic designs. You will be surprised to know that he is one of those people who have created the concept of fashion single-handedly. His inspiration was exemplary and a lot of people can learn from him. He has earned a huge fortune because of his hard work. Let’s take a look at all the details regarding him below.

Early Life, Bio, and Death

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Pierre was born on July 7th, 1922 in Italy and he died on 29th December 2020. He was 98 years old when he died. He grew up in France and his father was a wine merchant. When he turned 14 he started going to a Vichy and started working as an apprentice for the trailer. When he turned 17 he moved to Paris as he had a lot of interest in fashion designing. During this time period World War broke out and he enlisted in the army for some time. He started taking care of an administrative position and later pursued his fashion career too.


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In 1945 Pierre moved to Paris so he could continue his career as a fashion designer. He started designing a lot of coats and suits for Christian Dior. If this isn’t enough he also has been designing costumes for various plays and films. The popular film named ‘Beauty and the beast’ also started using some of his designed clothes. He started his own fashion line named House of Cardin. Many people started loving the bubble dress he introduced.

During that time period, he also teamed up with some of the most famous fashion designers of Japan. In 1959 he created the first-ever collection for women named ‘’ready to wear’’.He has always been a high-end fashion designer and started producing the mass collection. There were many other small and big manufacturers working for him and they always remain as a helping hand. In 1980 it was already 30 years of he as a fashion designer.

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Net Worth and Relationships

The total net worth of Pierre happens to be around $800 million. He was considered one of the richest men. You will be surprised to know that Pierre has spent most of their life as a gay man. He was known to be in a relationship with one of his assistants. The only woman in his life was the popular actress Jeanne Moreau. They were in a relationship, for a few years only. He is the owner of one of the most famous houses called the ‘’Bubble palace’’ in Cannes. There were swimming pools, lush gardens, and a theater with 500 seats. He has lived a wonderful life and we hope that he rests in peace now.

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