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Pete Davidson Net Worth, Bio, Career Highlights, Dating History & More

Pete Davidson is a popular American comedian. He is best known for working on Saturday Night Live as a comedian. When he first debuted on the 40th season of the show he was the youngest member of the team. He is loved for his comic timing and has the great skill to host a comedy show. He has got a lot of fame worldwide all due to his talent and skills. If you want to have more details about him keep reading the article below.


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Pete Davidson was born on November 16, 1993, in State Island. His parents are Amy and Scott Matthew Davidson while he also has a young sister. He is very close to the family members and loves to spend time with them. His father died during the September 11 incident when he was only seven years old. The incident was terrifying for the little kid and it left a huge pressure on his mind. As a child, he often had suicidal thoughts but managed to keep himself busy at school. He graduated from Xaverian High School in 2012 and also got admission at St. Francis College. However, he had to drop out to pursue his career as a comedian.

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Pete started his comedy career with MTV comedy series that helped him gain some prominence. Pete has also appeared on Gotham Comedy Live with many other comedians. However, it was Saturday night live that gave him the most success. He got all the critical acclaim as his stint was loved by everyone. The best thing is that he can relate to the feelings and emotions of the audience. His coming timings are perfect while he has the skill to engage different people. Due to his popularity, he featured in the Forbes list of under 30 comedians. He has recently started doing “Sundays with Pete & John.”He is now doing a lot of comedy tours with John and earning a good amount of money too.

Dating and Relationships

Pete dated Carly Aquilino for two years before he started dating Cazzie David. The relationship went on for two years but broke up after that. He is currently dating Ariana Grande and they got engaged. Surprisingly even his engagement was also called off. All his relationships haven’t been steady as such. He has a lot of health issues and has also revealed that he cannot function without medical marijuana. Pete also revealed to the media that he has been into drugs but trying to get rid of this habit.

Net Worth and Salary

The total net worth of Pete happens to be $6 million and he has gained all this due to Saturday Night Live. He has also been touring for his comedy shows and all have been successful. He has been a regular cast member of the comedy series. Due to his popularity, he gets around $15,000.He is one of the richest comedians and likes to lead a lavish lifestyle.

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