Sometimes, the excitement company directs its spotlight on places that hardly anyone has heard. Würselen is one such example. 2017 was the. From Würselen, a SPD candidate for Chancellor, came time. Or Dormagen. There is a Caiman disappeared in the summer of 1994 for weeks in a stretch.

Not always the events are political, sometimes they do, and sometimes, as in the early summer of 2019, they are even highly political. This time it hits Penzlin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It is the first place where there is a political cooperation between the CDU and the AfD. Some say it’s a taboo. Others find it is best to leave the Church in the village.

Reinhard Gleisberg, 68, light pants, blue half sleeve shirt, clean shaven, standing at the garden fence of his small house in the penzliner region the District of Wustrow and has a question: “What makes me so interesting?”

While the crisis in Greece, the AfD

This is his story. The track mount is originally from Witten, South-Eastern Ruhr area. He was born there, has worked in the area all his life as a fitter. Once, he says, he has completed a course in a welding robot. “And you know wat could dat better than me.” One sometimes hears a slight Ruhrpott-sound coloring when he speaks. His sentences are short. It is then said quickly all that is Necessary.

Before the AfD was, he has chosen a life of CDU, only once in the SPD, as this Bayer, the German Chancellor, did not want to be, in whose name he comes right now. Bouquet? “Yes, bouquet of,” says Gleisberg.

in 2013, Reinhard gleis Berg joined the newly founded AfD Kreisverband Ennepe Ruhr; at that time, the party of the Economics Professor and Euro-sceptic Bernd Lucke was it, tend to fall conservative as a latent extreme-right. Many wise men and sceptics. It was the time Greece was in crisis, and track the mountain was of the view that in Germany a lot of money in the wrong place is displayed. He sees the today.

hatch is long out of the party. Track mountain.

last year, he moved with his wife Annemarie in the small house to Penzlin, the District of Wustrow, very secluded, 27 inhabitants. He has renovated many of their own. It is the old seat track mount, 2008 is discovered price in the Internet, at the time, got it for a bargain. An Idyll. To the shores of the great lake, there are only a few steps. In the summer a few tourists with the bike in this area get lost. In the Winter, but, says Gleisberg, “it is very quiet”.


Reinhard Gleisberg of the AfD. The Photo with the Germany flag in the Background, he proposed that the house should not be afraid of graffiti.

©Benjamin Zibner/star of The AfD-man is the third

at the end of may municipal elections. The track mount to stand up for the AfD. Distribute the campaign flyers and pens. Flyer without the pen is not running, the gleisberg know from experience. One evening, the AfD-married couple invites in the “bottle barn”, a Local in Penzlin, the one wishes heartily that it may have better times experienced. “Not was going on but a lot,” says Gleisberg.


AKK precludes cooperation with AfD, the CDU in Penzlin do it anyway

even Though hardly anyone knows of, receives Reinhard Gleisberg 382 votes, the third best result of all candidates. Seven more votes, then he would have been in Second. It is enough for a seat in the city Assembly of representatives. His wife, Annemarie (120 votes) fails to close. Otherwise he would be able to constitute a political group. Gleisberg says: “We have given to the AfD in Penzlin a face.”

What follows is a lesson on Taktiererei in politics, in Small, often not so very different from what is happening on the big stage in Berlin or Brussels. But it is also a lesson on the difficulty to draw boundaries in a society that is looking for Orientation. To draw borders in a country in which the non-simultaneity feed has kept.

Reinhard gleis Berg is the key figure in this piece. He can’t even do something about it.

The nervous Berlin

In Berlin, is the excitement about the operations in Penzlin large, which has to do with CDU leader, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer precisely in these weeks of your course against party members exacerbated the think about a cooperation with the AfD. AKK has every reason to be. In Brandenburg and Saxony state Parliament in the September elections. They will enable the Republic of pumping. Demographers expect exceptionally high results for the AfD in Saxony, the chances of the right-wing are not bad, to be the strongest party. The Union is nervous.

On a Sunday evening at the end of June, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer says Wants to be in the TV show “Anne”, that you’ll ask the CDU Federal Executive Board, to give her power of attorney, “each of the funds through check, in order to prevent a cooperation and an approximation of the AfD really well”. The CDU Chief floats a contact with the lock down in the local authorities. CSU leader Markus Söder but the other day even to the Thesis that even a coffee would have to chat to be prohibited. Exaggerated? The times are so.

On the Sofa in Anne AKK says that the AfD was “a party that draws at least in part, or with the representative, there is no clear line of right-wing extremism and right-wing radicals Want”. You could not imagine, given the course of the AfD, that it “could ever” be a cooperation.

The words are for eternity, so to speak. Terms, it is not.

In The first

to be sniffed at, It is about the Moment, in the Reinhard Gleisberg on his Sofa in Wustrow the TV makes. “If the lady sees it that way,” he says.

Penzlin is situated only two hours drive from Berlin-Mitte, in principle, always take the B 96 high to Neustrelitz, then to the left. And yet there are worlds in between. It is a journey into the non-simultaneity of this Republic, you have to sort of overcome zone boundaries.

Shortly after the election, Penzlins mayor invites the newly elected city representatives to know of a learning round to the town hall. Track mountain lost is initially around a bit, as he remembers. He knows Yes no. All the same, making Small Talk, the New is to be sniffed at, he is, as it turns out, a craftsman, and that’s not bad. Craftsmen there are in the CDU group. The SPD representative Sven Rose (145 votes) talks briefly with the AfD-man. Rose stands on the position: integration Yes, cooperation no.

Suddenly best digungsministerin

AKK tries to explain the exchange to the Cabinet

The SPD, it is, by the way, which will later make the suggestion that the distribution of seats in the committees in accordance with the so-called Hare-Niemeyer methods. This will form the outcome of the election better. It would have been so, it would have benefited the SPD of the AfD-guy Gleisberg, however. He would get a seat in the main Committee. How had SPD said man Rose? Integration Yes, cooperation no.

You would have to einblocken at this point, actually, the formulas for the various procedures in the distribution of seats. But this is complicated. And then enough space would not be possibly for Penzlins three members of the CDU parliamentary group, for Mario Röse (141 votes), Steffen Burr (160 votes) and Bernd Ebert (388 votes). And for their motives.

A chat on the porch

Burr and Ebert sitting sometime in the days after the round and before the inaugural session of the penzliner region city representatives ‘ Assembly, the track mount on the porch, about there, where the light chain is attached, in the case of the soccer balls and small lanterns in Germany, the colors alternate. Track mount is a Borussia Fan, Dortmund.

It is a chat. You get closer. Talk a little bit about the local politics. Agreed, the big policy to omit. It is the classic wheeling and dealing, the principle of “Good for you and good for me”.

It should be forbidden, at least according to the rules of Markus Söder, actually.

“We have to briefly leave his story to explain,” says Mario Röse, the CDU parliamentary leader, was not on the track mount porch in the conversation but has signs. “Everything that has to do with the right to, is absolutely not to recognize.”

And so Mario Röse pulls a Coup, brings days later, in fact, the Republic of pumping and AKK in trouble. Röse with its CDU and the AfD’s Deputy Reinhard Gleisberg in the inaugural session, a world war II – and because the distribution of seats is not according to the Hare-Niemeyer done, but according to the D’hondt method, is the CDU in the allocation of Committee seats to be very well supported. However, Even Reinhard Gleisberg benefits. He now sits on the audit Committee, in the Education and culture Committee and the main Committee the Deputy. After all.

The question of border demarcation

“is that going to work on me,” says Gleisberg. He was on a Vernissage, after all, he is a member of the culture Committee. In the unfortunately not very inspiring vestibule of the city hall, he looked at flower motifs of the painter Kristine of helmet. “Not much,” says Gleisberg.

TV review


No coalition with the AfD – AKK makes it clear: “the CDU will remain in the middle of society”

He can’t understand the excitement still. And Mario Röse not. Röse believes that the waves would not beat so high had not made an employee of the municipal administration the error on the Homepage, a CDU/AfD-identify group. In the meantime, this is to be corrected again. Was there once and went “briefly, everything topsy-turvy”. Röse got calls from Berlin and Schwerin, of the CDU-Bundestag member Matthias Hauer even called for the party to the exclusion of the three penzliner region CDU-members.

It is the question of borders in the Republic of asynchronicity.

Mario Röse find, track, mountain, should now do his work, he could prove himself there. SPD-man Sven Rose sees that, in principle, also so, “as long as he stands on the ground of the Constitution” . Norbert Schumacher from the merger of “life value Penzlin” (379 votes) is on the same line. “People are, for me, the first time people,” says the vet, “and if he comes with his cat, because the leg was broken, then I would treat them, too.”

Reinhard track mountain sitting on his porch. Where he is not asked by the CDU-people after the great policy it was. His AfD has changed since he entered. It is further moved to the right. There are people, such as Thuringia, Björn Höcke, the leader of the radical forces. What he thinks of Höcke?

“Difficult question,” says Gleisberg. He has experienced Höcke time at an event in Neubrandenburg. Gleisberg says: “he can Talk.”

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