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Ozark Season 4: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast and everything we know

Ozark season 4 is a thriller drama that is a Netflix drama and it narrates the story of financial advisor who faces losses in his business. Due to his failed business he relocates his family to the Ozarks due to his failed business and scheme of money laundering. The show has been critically acclaimed and has won many awards and it is not surprising that the crime thriller would be making a comeback with a season 4. Ozark Season 3 ended on an obscure and uncertain note so season 4 was obvious and fans were sure that they would be getting an extension of the show soon.


Who will be starring in Ozark season 4?

The fans of Ozark series have gotten used to the death sequences in the show. Most likely there would be more deaths similar to season 3. The characters that died in season 3 would not be making a return to the show and would probably be seen in flashbacks. The two leads of the show Marty and Wendy that are played by Jason Bateman and Laura Linney will surely be making a return because the plot revolves around their characters. The FBI agents played by Jessica Francis Dukes, Sofia Hublitz, Felix Solis, Ruth Langmore would all be making a return to the show.

Is the trailer of Ozark season 4 out?

Unfortunately, no trailer of Ozark season 4 has been released as yet. The pandemic COVID-19 is the major reason for the delay and that probably is the reason why we are not getting any trailer. Due to lockdowns in the country, the entertainment business has also been out to halt so all we can do is to wait for the trailer. If you are bored and want to make your quarantine fun then you can watch the previous 3 seasons of Ozark because they are available on Netflix.

Ozark season 4 Plot: What is the story about?

Ozark is a comedy series which focuses on the life of a rich man who works as a financial planner. Marty and his family shifted from Chicago to Ozarks community in the summer. They are a happy and adorable family who love to spend quality time together. Jason’s wife Wendy and her two children Charlotte and Jonah are wonderfully written and scripted characters. The two producers Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams have made the show in an interesting manner that’s why fans are in love with it. Marty’s life gets entangled with some drug dealers who threaten him frequently. He has to deal with them keeping in mind the safety of his family .Let’s see how he does that in the season 4.

Ozark is critically acclaimed and loved by the audience for it unique plot. There’s no surprise that a new season is coming out. Marty and his family have a lot to offer to the fans and with a brand new story we are expecting a lot more twists and turns. When Helen was killed a lot of people couldn’t help but be emotional. Wendy and Marty need to be extra careful or else they will have to face the same fate. The FBI agents are threatening them for a lifetime in prison while on the other side deadly villain follows them too.

What is the release date of Ozark season 4?

There has been no official confirmation given by the producer about the release date. We can expect it to come out sometime next year in April 2021. Every season was released after a gap of 13 months so we can hope that new season will be out during the same time period. One of the cast members Chris discussed with the media that there will be a total of 5 seasons of this amazing series.

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