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OpenSooq: The Ultimate Platform for Selling Your Car in the UAE

OpenSooq is dedicated to providing a platform for buyers and sellers of second-hand and new cars in the UAE to connect, thus facilitating the sale. The platform provides commands in both English and Arabic, which are the popular languages in the UAE. This has resulted in OpenSooq being extremely popular in the UAE, with millions of people preferring to use the platform to buy and sell their cars.

Cars for Sale on OpenSooq

OpenSooq provides a wide range of specific car varieties on the market, including Honda, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW, among others. The cars are available in various varieties depending on the cost, color, mileage, year of production, and model.


OpenSooq has adopted various keywords that are popular throughout the UAE and Dubai that help make searches throughout the website easier. Such keywords include “cars for sale in Dubai”, “used cars in Dubai”, “used cars for sale in UAE”, “used cars for sale in Dubai”, and “second-hand cars in Dubai”. These keywords are beneficial to a seller when used, as they help their car listings appear higher when searched by a buyer.

Why OpenSooq?


The website provides commands in both English and Arabic. This ensures that the natives and expats are able to communicate effectively while buying or selling the cars. This feature attracts many people in the UAE, thus expanding the market base for the sale of cars.

Simplified Procedures

The procedure for registering and listing cars for sale on the website is simple and convenient. For registration, one needs to search for the website on Google and click register. They are then required to provide their phone number and name, after which they will have registered. The sellers are expected to upload the cars they have for sale, providing all relevant information about the condition of the car and its price. They are then allowed to promote the cars and wait for buyers’ offers. They then negotiate and reach an amicable conclusion.

Shops Category

Other than providing a platform for sellers of second-hand cars to sell their vehicles, OpenSooq creates a list of renowned showrooms in the localities of the UAE for buyers who desire to purchase new cars to be able to visit them for viewing and testing. The website also lists the cars available in the showrooms, their price ranges, and mileage, among other features, thus enabling the buyers to narrow down the vehicles they can possibly purchase according to their preferences and budget.

Free Transactions on the Website

The listing of cars for sale on the website does not attract any hidden fees or commissions. The sellers independently upload the cars for sale, promote them through various advertisements, and wait for buyers to approach them with various offers. The sellers then negotiate with the buyers and reach a conclusion on the price. The final price is paid in full to the seller, and the website does not charge the seller or buyer for anything.

Good Customer Service

OpenSooq has effective customer service. The platform has set up an office in the UAE equipped with experts in sales and marketing, customer care, and technology. The experts assist sellers in case of any problems experienced throughout the transaction; they also help in promoting the cars for sale through various advertisements and can also be reached easily through email, phone call, or text messaging to provide assistance.

In conclusion, OpenSooq has helped mitigate the gap in the market for the sale and purchase of cars in the UAE by providing a simplified procedure and a wide platform for marketing, thus connecting buyers and sellers. The platform has simplified a procedure that had been seen as cumbersome in the past and expedited it. This is a sufficient reason why OpenSooq is the ultimate platform for the sale of cars in the UAE.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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