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One Piece Wano Arc Takes A Shocking Turn: Details Inside

If you have been reading all the chapters of one piece you will be happy to know that the release schedule is back to normal. Fans are happy to know that their favorite Manga is back with the normal schedule which it has been following since the time of release. Wano Arc takes a shocking turn and everyone must be pleasantly surprised. Many are already discussing how the story will turn out to be. Today we will be discussing one piece chapter 983 and there are some spoilers that are also out to entertain fans. Keep reading the article below for more details inside.

Major Happening in one piece previous chapter

The latest chapter of Manga has a lot of things to offer to the fans and we have got some interesting spoilers for you as well. Onigashima has prepared a well-planned raid and there is a huge fight going on between the two most powerful parties. Luffy alliance and Kaido gang are upfront and fighting against each other. It is quite difficult to understand who will win the battle as it is getting intense more than before. The forces of Big Mom alone won’t be able to beat such powerful gangs so it has left us wondering what is going to happen now.

The allies are all together against each other and they have been introduced in the arc before days before. Everyone seems to be talking about them and the shocking revelation we saw was how these beasts operate and do their work. Things are taking one more turn when many people are on a hunt to find Kaido’s son. There is a huge party which has been dispatched to find him. Big mom is getting ready for a festival and one of the members of Flying six is at stake and they don’t realize what to do.

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One Piece Chapter 983 Release Date, Spoilers, no delay

What can we expect from one piece chapter 983?

Most probably we will see Big Mom and her forces working hard to go after the Nami group. Luffy and other members are busying targeting beast pirates. The weak gifters are the one that is in trouble. It seems that Luffy is the most terrified person in this whole battle as we can see he has hidden from the others and taking a deep breath alone. Luffy is followed by Ulti and they both have been waiting for each other for a long time. When Luffy and Ulti meet it is a time to celebrate and everyone would like to know what happens between the two. Yamato is having a lot of issues with his father and he doesn’t seem to understand what he wants from him. As we can see a lot of things are going on in the Manga series so you will be excited to know what happens next.

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When is the One Piece Chapter 983 releasing?

One Piece Chapter 983 will be released at the weekend so there isn’t much time left. The wait is finally over and we can expect many interesting things. The chapters officially release by the VIZ media platform and the download quality is also very good. The next chapter which is 984 will be released by Sunday 28th June 2020. If you are anxious to know more about the spoilers of the upcoming chapter keep checking this space.

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