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Nyati Era Review

Nyati Era is located in the lovely Dhanori area. Because of its outstanding connectivity and proximity, the region is an attractive place to relocate to Pune. It is well-connected and accessible to numerous public amenities and transportation options. The floor plans available in the Nyati Era include 2 BHK and 3 BHK residences. You can also compare the various floor plans to better understand the building and then select the one that best matches your needs. From here, you can easily reach all modes of public transportation and amenities. My goal was to purchase a home that is acceptable for my family and includes all of the conveniences that have grown necessary over time. The Nyati Era project was the ideal residence for me to live in.

Reason For Buying an Apartment in Nyati Era

Nyati Era has 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments, so it’s a great place for families and single people to live. The rooms in these apartments are big, and they have good ventilation so fresh air and light can get in. The view and light from the balcony/window make it easy to forget about the day’s stress.

The floor plans for the 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments at Nyati Era range from 801 to 1221 square feet. You can also look at the different floor plans to better understand the building and choose the one that best fits your needs. The floor plan can show the perfect layout of a building and, by extension, how the homes will look when finished.

Nyati Era Amenities Are Impressive

The residents of the Nyati Era had access to all of the modern conveniences they could want. Here are a few examples: a large stadium where occasionally dramas and plays are staged. Clubhouses can be used to host informal meetings or to enjoy indoor games. In any situation, a fire safety pack will come in handy. The building is kept safe by CCTV cameras and security personnel. On the attractively built-up court, you can play various outdoor games such as badminton, basketball, tennis, and many more. The jogging track is designed so inhabitants can enjoy jogging without worrying about falling.

Reasons Why I Recommend Buying a House in Nyati Era

  1. Location Advantage

Nyati Era connects every key landmark, such as schools and hospitals, due to its ideal location in Pune. The Air Force Station is around 10 minutes away. The Pune Airport is around 14 minutes away. Om Hospital, Sai Hospital, and Siddharth Nursing Home are all within an 8 to 14 minutes drive. Shemrock Genius Playschool and the Government Marathi Medium School are only 4 to 8 minutes away. PVR Phoenix Market City, Raman Theatre, and Storm 5D are all between 22 and 25 minutes away. The Sai Men’s Boutique, Mhaske Supermarket, and Goodwill Square retail centres are all within a 5 to 7 minutes drive. Lucky Supermarket, Hariom Traders, and Pukhraj Houses are only 3 to 7 minutes away.

  1. Nyati Era Price is Affordable

The Nyati Era apartments are extremely reasonably priced. Apartments range in price from 72 lacs to 1.08 crores for 801 to 1221 square feet, 1 and 3 BHK apartments. The pricing is highly practical, cost-effective, and handy, given the location, amenities, and facilities. The Nyati Era provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Its costs and good listings are inexpensive compared to the developed region and nearby structures.

  1. About Nyati Group

The customer is at the heart of all they do at Nyati Group. They make every effort to understand their buyers’ ambitions to meet all of their expectations. They feel that nothing beats offering customer delight and fulfilment. Every project under the Nyati brand is conceptualised with the buyer’s ambitions in mind, with the consumer at the heart of all its endeavours. This enables us to create enriching living areas that instil pride in the residents.


This Nyati Era review is based on my experience with the project. The Nyati Era brochure can be downloaded from the website. Get brochures and more information about the property from the NoBroker team and the website. The easiest way to acquire thorough flat information is to visit NoBroker also has real estate experts that will guide you to the best properties in Pune.

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