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No Guns Life Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and All You Need To Know

No Guns’ life is an anime series that has been adapted by a manga series. The manga series was one of the most manga series in Japan and other parts of the world and the anime series is anticipated. This post is about No Guns Life Season 2 Release date, plot, characters, and other details. If you are curious to know more about the fun and exciting manga series then read the post below.

Who are the characters included in No Guns Life?

The characters in No Guns Life are interesting and we will be sharing the names of all the important characters of No Guns Life.

  • 10 SEVEN.
  • 9 PEPPERS.
  • 7 COLT.

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What is the plot of No Guns Life?

no guns life

No Guns Life is a story of an ex-soldier who is out on a mission to find out the mystery behind his amnesia. The soldier has forgotten everything about his life and doesn’t remember how his face got replaced with a huge gun. The other main character of the anime series is a detective who lives in the lonely streets. He is on a mission to find the secret behind the amnesia of the soldiers. His face is also transformed into a gun but he cannot use the gun on his own.

He needs someone’s help to use it but he doesn’t want to take anyone’s help. The gun is one of the most powerful weapons but since he doesn’t know how to use it the power of the gun is no use to him. The plot of No Guns Life is complex and unique and people who are interested in anime series with weapons and war zone might find a lot of interest in the anime series.

What are the major traits of Juzu Inui in No Guns Life?

Juzi Inui is the main character in No Guns Life. He has become a gun slave unit and is looking for his fellow cyborgs that are known as extends. He has a powerful metallic body and can withstand any kind of harsh conditions. He wears a long sleeve t-shirt and looks strong. He can fight the enemies and can beat his opponents as he has many powers. His right hand also has a gun installed to it and it can be used as a weapon as well. He stays away from the humid regions as it can be a threat to his metallic body. It can melt in humid conditions.

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What is the release date of No Guns Life Season 2?

The No Guns Life Season 2 will be released on 10 July 2020. The anime series will release at 1:28 AM Japanese time. The new episodes of No Guns Life will be released every Friday. The fans can catch an exciting episode every Friday. The No Guns Life Season 2 can be streamed on Hulu for free. If you are a Japanese fan of the anime series then you can catch it on TV14 which is a local Japanese channel. The online streaming websites will provide the fans with the episodes once they are released in Japan.

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