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Netflix Original Shows And Movies Coming Out In 2020

Netflix is always coming out with interesting movies and television shows to excite fans all around the globe. Nowadays there is a lot of trend among people to watch shows online as its easy for them to sit back, relax and watch them without the disturbance of any commercials. In 2020 many good shows are releasing on Netflix let’s see which one is coming out.

January 4th

Dracula (Miniseries)

The talented team of Sherlock is coming up with an adaptation of bloodsucker which will be about a brooding vampire.

January 10th

AJ and the Queen

The story revolves around a queen who is a runaway woman and goes through exciting adventures and meets a child in her journey.


This story is very thrilling as its about a Japanese lawyer who goes in search of his brother who is assumed to be dead. When he goes to London he gets entangled in a gang of crimes.

Medical Police

Medical police about doctors who work hard to fight against a strong virus and a government conspiracy is also involved in it.

January 15th

Grace and Frankie (season 6)

The Grace and Frankie is a comedy series which is coming out with a new season. The comic timing of the characters will blow your heart away.

January 17th

Sex Education (season 2)

Season 2 of sex education is famous teen series which revolves around a boy who is a son of a sex therapist while his father runs a clinic.

January 23rd

The Ghost Bride

The Malaysian drama has created a fan following for it when the trailers were released. The concept is interesting as its about a woman who dies and then wakes up in her afterlife and demands to get married to a rich heir.

October faction

This new series is coming out on January 23rd which is about a family of monster hunters and their adventures.

January 24th

Chilling adventures of Sabrina

The season 3 of this exciting and super natural series is coming out which is about a teenage witch and her thrilling adventures

January 29th

Night on Earth

This is documentary type of series which will explore many different types of creatures.


This new series is also coming out in January and is about a woman who has witness a murder and will try to investigate things on her own.

January 30th

The stranger

This new mini series is about a man who gets to know about a secret surrounding his family. How it changes his life is what we have to see.

January 31st

Bo Jack Horseman

The comedy series is coming out with its 6th season. All of the first seasons were a hit so we are expecting this to be a hit as well.

Luna Nera

The famous Italian series will focus on witchcraft and is shot extensively in Italy.


The Ragnarok is a Norwegian drama which focuses around the village where lot of harsh climatic changes keeps taking place.

February 7th

Locke and Key

Locke and Key is an exciting story which revolved around siblings who move to their family house when their father dies.

February 12th

To all the boys

This is a sequel to a very sweet rom-com as we are sure many people will love it. The story will present a beautiful love story between two people with their sweet encounters.

February 14th

Cable Girls

The cable girls are a Spanish series which is about the life of telephone operators.

February 28th

All the bright places

All the bright places is a movie which will bring out a concept of teenage romance with a twist. The mentally challenged couple will support each other in every struggle of their life.

Queen Sono

Queen Sono is a South African series which is about a spy and goes out for one of the most dangerous missions.

April 3rd

Money Heist

The Spanish series is about a group of robbers who are into several adventures.

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Teodora Torrendo
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