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Need Reliable Information on Inverter Battery Price? Read This

Buying a suitable inverter battery for your home at an ideal inverter battery price isn’t difficult if you are aware of what you want and what to look for. However, most of us have very little idea about batteries in general and don’t know the factors that have a direct impact on the pricing of a battery. Therefore, having some degree of knowledge is important because it can help us choose the right kind of battery for our home at the right price.

In this article, we are going to look at a few things that will help you choose a battery that’s well-suited to your needs and will last for years to come.

Type of Battery

The type of battery plays largely determines the inverter battery price which makes it crucial for you to understand the make and build of the product. So, what choices do you have? You typically have 3 types of batteries you can choose from.

  1. GEL Battery: These are environment friendly batteries that come with zero spillage risks and release minimal fumes and gases making them a very safe option for homes with kids. If you live in an area with frequent and short power cuts, these batteries are ideal for you.
  2. Tubular Battery: These are big batteries that are capable of handling extremely heavy loads and can also perform exceptionally well even under high-temperatures. They are good for areas with longer power cuts; making them a great choice for homes with multiple appliances to run, including heavy-load ones like air conditioners, refrigerators etc.
  3. Flat Plate Battery: The flat plate batteries are compact and perfect for smaller homes where space comes at a premium. However, they are very powerful and can take run significant amount of load during short and frequent power cuts.

Battery Capacity

Once you have understood the type of battery you want, the next thing that plays a role in the inverter battery price is the battery capacity. The battery’s Ah is an indicator of how much load the battery can take and depending on the number of appliances you want to run of this auxiliary power source; choose a battery that can support them during an outage. A 150 Ah battery is more than enough for running multiple fans, lights and television sets; however, if you need more power or want to run multiple heavy load appliances like air conditioners, geysers, pumps, refrigerators, etc. then you might need to go in for a higher Ah battery or even multiple batteries to support that load.

Build Quality

If you are investing in a battery, you should rather invest in one that comes with exceptional build quality. Look for batteries that are made using the HADI or High-Pressure Gravity Type Casting if you want to buy a battery that is durable and comes with superior service life.

Source: Luminous

Luminous has a range of batteries that come with highest build quality, exceptional service life and low-cost maintenance. The Red Charge RC 18000 150 Ah Tall Tubular Battery is an exceptional battery from the house of Luminous, and if you are looking for a tubular battery that can support heavy loads and deliver power efficiently during erratic outages. So, if you are looking for a battery that’s big on delivery, then you need to look no further than this battery.

Product Description

  • Battery – Red Charge RC 18000
  • 150 Ah capacity, 12V
  • Warranty 36* Months
  • Tubular Technology battery Robust Tubular plates
  • Low antimony alloy used for low maintenance
  • Suitable for areas with long power cuts
  • Excellent overcharge tolerance (accepts very deep discharge-suitable for areas with long power cut)
  • Factory charge battery in ready to use condition
  • High Durability with sealed plastic housing

Now that you know the factors that play an important role in the inverter battery price, you can make an informed decision and get a battery that gives you maximum value for your money!

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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