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Why So Many People Love My Hero Academia Cosplay? Get The Answer Here

One of the biggest anime of this spring is My Hero Academia, which returns for its third season from the animation studio Bones. The superhero series is based on a “Kohei Horikoshi” comic that began in 2014 in the comic anthology magazine Weekly “Shonen Jump”. The first volume was the second best selling superhero graphic novel in last year behind only the Batman, The Killing Joke, and has since gone global with over 13 million copies of the series in print.

In a world where most people have superpowers, middle school student Izuku Midoriya is one of 20% of the population born without them. But his dream is to become a superhero and attend Japan’s leading school for aspiring superheroes, UA High. After a fateful encounter with All Might, the greatest hero in the world, he discovers that his idol is dying and wants to let go of his cloak. His chosen successor, of course, is Midoriya.

Although in start he was very thin, Izuku gained toned muscles after his ten months of continuous training with All Might, and as the series progresses, these become more produced and defined as he gradually gets strong.

After his battle with Shoto Todoroki, the fingers of his right hand are slightly deformed and his hand shows scars. His right arm was further Injured after his fight with Muscular, leaving various other fears all over. Following recovery from the aforementioned fight, Izuku wears a black compression sleeve on his right upper arm to support the severe damage he sustained – it is partially visible when wearing the short sleeves.

During his high school days, he wore a simple black gakuran uniform with yellow buttons, accompanied by white sneakers. While when he was at home, he wore a green jinbei over a white shirt and gray sweatpants.

In U.A., he wears the standard men’s uniform: a light gray blazer with dark turquoise trim over a white shirt and dress pants, along with a red tie that he doesn’t wear properly, leaving it much shorter than it should be. Instead of the plain brown shoes worn by most of the student body, he usually wears oversized red boots with thick white soles, laced up to the top.

This ultimately leads Midoriya to inherit the powers of All Might and to attend UA High, where All Might is training the next generation of heroes. But when a bunch of villains show up looking for revenge, Midoriya and the other students feel compelled to turn into heroes faster or become a burden.

Physical Appearance and Costumes of Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya has a round face topped with messy dark green hair that sticks out all over her head. he has large circular green eyes like her hair. he also has freckles scattered across her cheeks. Constructively, Izuku is very short for his age. After months of intensive training with All Might, Izuku gained muscle and became stronger with more definition. His original hero costume consists of a dark green leotard. His suit also has a red belt, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, and a pair of red boots. He also wears a dark green mask with protruding ears and a respirator. Click here to get all ideas about my hero academia cosplay.

You don’t need anything else to complete the complete Izuku Midoriya costume set. However, you can embody the character even more by wearing a pair of green contact lenses. Contacts are especially necessary if your eyes have a different color. You can always wear a green wig, but you can choose to dye your hair green to better cosplay this character.

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