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Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Episode 1 Release Date, Preview& All You Need To Know

Mr Love Queen’s Choice is a series which has been adapted by an anime story revolves around superpowers, fantasy and a lot of surprises. It revolves around a girl and her whole life gets entangled with four men. She experiences love, romance and conflict as the story gets deep. Once the first episode has been aired people are already discussing what is going to happen in the new episode. If you want to know more details about Mr Love Queen’s choice keep reading the details below.

What is the plot of Mr Love Queen’s choice?

mr love queens choice 1

The plot of Mr Love Queen’s choice revolves around the life of a girl and the mystery deepens when she gets in touch with four men. There are many twists and turns which will be seen in the storyline and you will like them all. She becomes the president of a company which her late father has left behind. Her father is the owner of a small video production company and the name of the company is Miracle Entertainment. She keeps working hard to bring the best of TV and entertainment programs. If viewers get entertained and like the shows, she will be gaining a lot of profit from it. The men she has been with are all from different backgrounds and they boast of different personalities too.

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What is the summary of Mr Love Queen’s choice?

mr love queens choice 2

The story revolves around two lovers who are from a different background. Simon is a genius scientist while Kira is a superstar and she has to take care of her fans and television shows too. There is another character Haku who is a police officer and solves crime cases. Zen is the CEO and financer of Kira’s company so she has to be in good terms with him. When she gets to meet all these important men in her life she comes to know about the real truth and conspiracy behind her father’s death.

Mr Love Queen’s choice is full of mystery, power and entertainment and you will like the story of this anime especially if you are an anime lover. The story is full of romance and a lot of secrets about each character will be revealed once the story goes deeper. There are other supporting characters and they all will be a part of the series to make the story even more exciting.

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What is the release date of Mr Love Queen’s choice episode 2?

Recently a wonderful preview and trailer of the series were released by the makers. The episode will be released on Thursday 16th July 2020. Every Thursday a new episode of the show arrives and people are always excited to watch it. If you are interested in getting some spoilers you can read the full article and if you don’t like to kill the excitement and thrill then you shouldn’t read it. If you like a bit of everything this show is perfect for you as it has got all the elements of love, thrill, superpowers and other things all at once. Try to catch up from the first episode itself or else you will not understand the flow of the story.

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