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Mr. Honesty Episode 9 & 10 Release Date, Streaming Details & Other Updates

Mr. Honesty is a Chinese Drama that has made its way into the hearts of viewers in a very short time. The series has been gaining a lot of interest and decent viewership in China. Even if you check the websites many people are streaming the episodes as soon as they come out. The makers release six episodes every week and you can enjoy them throughout the week. In this post, we will be discussing all the important details we have about the 9 and 10 episodes so far.

What are the latest developments in Episode 9 and 10 of Mr. Honesty?

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The story is Mr. Honesty revolves around Xu Yi Ren and Fang Zhi. They meet through a fated encounter and they start liking each other instantly. The sweet and romantic journey of their love starts and there comes a time when they are not able to live without each other. Xu Yi Ren meets up with a president and the incident happens when she meets with an accident due to his boyfriend’s lies. They produce mutual understanding and fall into love and since their love starts a lot of unexpected twists and turns are revealed. The latest developments are once again going to touch your heart and soul. At one point you will want the love to increase between your beloved leads and in another scene, you will be revealed with any other important twist.

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What are the cast and characters in Mr. Honesty?

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The cast members of Mr. Honesty are very natural actors and they take every scene with a flow. The lead cast as well as the supporting cast is doing their work pretty well and you will be appreciating them. The supporting cast has an important role to play and they affect the story of these lovers. The cast may not be very huge but all characters have their own significance.

  • Liang Jie as Xu Yi Ren
  • Xin Yun Lai as Fang Zhi You
  • Liu Hai Kuan as Li Zhe
  • Wu Ji Feng as Gu Bo
  • Luo Qiu Yun as He Yu Wen
  • Minyee Chen as Xia Di

Is there any trailer of Mr. Honesty episode 9 and 10?

There is no official trailer of Mr. Honesty Episode 9 and 10 yet but if you want to catch up with some promos you can do so on the streaming websites. The love story is the main ingredient in the series but there are other interesting storylines attached to them. You will really enjoy the series as it has many surprising elements too. The promos will give out some ideas about the latest developments in the show.

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What are the episode and streaming details of Mr. Honesty Episode 9 and 10?

The new episodes of Mr. Honesty will be coming out on Tuesday and Wednesday. We have already discussed that new episodes come out six days a week. If you live in China you can watch the show on China TV and WeTV while the streaming can be done on Tencent Video but then again it is a Chinese website. If you are living outside China you can watch the episodes on different websites as a lot of them are uploading the latest episodes with English subtitles.

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