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Most Popular & Trending TV Series of 2021

If you are a TV series lover you must want to look out for some interesting shows. There are a lot of options available but the most popular and trending list will help out. You can also check out reviews and comments from various watchers. It depends on what you like the most or what genre you prefer. If you like love stories, horror and or other genres picking the best one will give you an entertaining time. During COVID-19 when most people are staying at home TV shows can entertain viewers a lot. Here is a list of trending and popular TV series of 2021.

Sex Education

sex education

Sex education is bold yet brilliant series. It is not surprising why this series have become the top choice of every teen.  There is pinch of incredible humor while there are some emotional side stories that touch your heart. The story revolves around Otis Milburn and his friends as they navigate high school. Some sexual shenanigans come forward to set up a sex therapy clinic. It has a unique plot and story is gripping at every moment.

What If…?

what if

In 2021 there have been a lot of Marvel TV shows coming up. What If is another brilliant show that has taken everything by storm. It is an animated series and a big gift for all the marvel fans out there. You will be delighted to see various timelines and happenings in the Marvel cinematic universe. Viewers can relieve a lot of moments and witness various events with their favorite heroes.

Ted Lasso

ted lasso

Ted Lasso is a hilarious show where the story revolves around Jason Sudeikis. He is an American football coach and he coaches a British team. Even the story doesn’t seem new and gives vibes of things we have seen in TV shows before. It is still very interesting to watch. You will never stop laughing while watching this interesting show. You cannot miss out on this one!  The music on this is also wonderful and pleasing to the ears.

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Money Heist (La Casa de Papel)

money heist

Money Heist is a path breaking show and you will enjoy every bit of it. If you want to get some ideas on how to grab 2.4 billion euros for yourself do watch this one (Joke). It is an interesting and engrossing series that revolves around a group of robbers. The plan to robe a factory of Factory of moneda and Timbre. There are a lot of scenes that will grab your attention and keep you at the edge of your seat. Viewers will get to watch plenty of conversations that will make you drool!

Rick & Morty

rick and morty

Rick and Morty is an animated series that will make you feel out of the world. You will be surprised to know that it is a highly addictive series. The story revolves around a mad scientist and his grandson who is a teenager. Mostly they go on a lot of bizarre adventures and wander around the space. Sci- fi fans cannot afford to miss this one.

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