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Monster Hunter, Movie Review, Plot, Cast & More

Monster hunter is a wonderful movie that is like a visual game treat. It is shocking but bombastically faithful to all the different types of games. You will love to watch it and every age group will have something to watch out for. Milla Jovovich has played her part well and is appreciated by almost everyone. If you are one of those people who has been playing the monster hunter game over the years will be happy to know about this movie. Usually, the game adaptations aren’t very common but this film will take one step ahead. There is a lot of attention given to every detail so the game can be brought to life onscreen.

What is Monster hunter all about: Review

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Monster hunter is nothing less than a virtual presentation of a video game. The opening scenes are a pure delight and we will see a lot of things happening in them. All the filmmakers have paid a lot of attention to the graphics, special effects, and set designs. It is difficult to create the perfect ambiance but this movie has it all. There are some people who think that the movie isn’t up to the mark but as each person has a different taste we cannot blame too. The jungle is extremely lush and Anderson has done well in creating everything. You will notice that the actors have done their part well. They have got the perfect dresses and blend well with the storyline.

What is the plot of the monster hunter?

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Monster Hunter is an action fantasy thriller and you will be surprised to see it. The story has an interesting background it tells that there is a world hidden and we know nothing about it. As it is ruled by monsters and weird creatures you will be shocked to see what it is like. Artemis and his soldiers are transferred into this new word altogether and they have the biggest shocks. There is a strong battle that goes on between them and the enemies. It is scary that the enemies are very powerful and they have it all for the perfect win. There are terrifying attacks happening now and then and Artemis will have to team up with a hunter who has all the ways to win. The film runs for about 1 hour and 44 minutes but some people may feel that it is a little lengthy.

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Who is in the cast of the monster hunter?

The cast of the monster hunter is amazing. It is because of them that the movie has all the interesting elements. Even though the story is different but if the cast doesn’t support it well there is no way the film can do well. It was released on 3rd December 2020 and has been getting positive reviews since then. The world cast martial arts will be seen in the movie. There are so many interesting elements that we can see done by the cast and crew. We have the cast list below so you can check out:

  • Milla Jovovich
  • Tony Jaa
  • Ron Perlman
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