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Monster Harvest Release Date Delayed To August 19

Monster Harvest is an entertaining farming simulator game but with a twist! The game is getting a lot of popularity as it offers so much news to the players. If you love to play farming games then this game will be entertaining and fun for you. Monster Harvest is one of the most anticipated video games. Here is all you need to know about the Monster Harvest game.

Monster Harvest Gameplay

Monster Harvest is a multi-player farming game and the players will find themselves starting a new life. The game is set in the Planimal Point, and you can develop your own farm. The players will also get the chance to customize their houses and craft their own furniture. The exciting jam recipes will also allow you to make delicious jams.

You can also create loyal and fierce companions and can enjoy your whole journey in the Planimal Point. The game features different offers depending on the seasons. You can enjoy 72 different mutations. The players can also take part in thrilling turn-based battles. You will also explore the dungeons and bring down the evil SlimeCo.

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Monster Harvest Features


Monster Harvest is designed with a wide variety of new and latest features. The following are the features that this game offers:

• You can Farm with mutants! Also, use the magical slimes to mutate the crops that you will be growing on your farm.
• The players can also get in touch with the Planimal companions! Some slimes also mutate your crops into the world of Planimals!
• You can also hang out with your loyal companions into battle and can also save the Planimal Point.
• The game will offer Three unique seasons that include: Dry, Wet, and Dark – Strange weather. As seasons shift you can grow a whole lot of different things.
• Venture into the town of Planimal Point and interact with the creatures. You can also build relationships to gain discounts.
• The players can also Craft dozens of items on the farm and the house.

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Monster Harvest Release Date


The game was slated to release earlier but the team has decided to delay the release date to August. Merge Games and Maple Powered Games have stated that they have delayed the release date to August 19th. Here is what they have to say:

“Delays are awful, we are sorry to let down our friends and fans, yet we want to make sure we dispatch Monster Harvest in the best shape possible so that our whole community will enjoy it,” explains Kerry Vandenberg, joint owner of Maple Powered Games. “We realized how important it is to ensure high-quality support for as many regions as possible right from launch day, even if that means having to push back our release date by just over a month. We are shipping the game by August 19th, with no further days and it’ll be worth it when we show what we have in store for you.”

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