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Mixtiles, a great gift for your loved ones

The most common thing about every household all around the world is not damaging the walls. The idea that only minimal scarring can be done to the walls has been engraved in our brains since childhood. But with new living standards and a wide variety of choices out there, everyone loves the thought of decorating their space. Since most of these decorations come at the cost of some significant damage to the walls, many get reluctant. Here is where Mixtiles jumps in to provide its revolutionary solution of sticky squared photo tiles that results in damage-free embellishment for your home.

Ever heard of Mixtiles?

Many consider Mixtiles as to be a real-life version of your Instagram. They provide 8 x 8-inch stylish squares and can be stuck easily to the walls in whichever manner one may wish to.

Can be re-stuck

The best feature that makes Mixtiles so popular is the fact that they can be stuck and re-stuck as many times as needed. You design your wall with them, get bored with the pattern. Simply take them off and rearrange again. No hassle, no damage!

Cheaper than Frames.

Mixtiles are designed such that they can easily hold their weight, and there is absolutely no worrying about them falling off. The second best thing about Mixtiles is that their total cost is 1/10 of traditional framing cost. The first three come for $ 58, and then every tile costs $9 only for the same order that too with free shipping always.

Mixtiles Promo codes

The most catchy part is the Mixtiles promo code. Mixtiles are always giving out promo codes that make the whole order much cheaper. The most popular ones are 15%, 25%, and 30% discount. They also offer 50% discounts sometimes, and that is a ‘die-for’ opportunity

As couples are always looking forward to finding a new and creative way to exchange gifts with each other. What could be better than a bundle of Mixtiles capturing the best moments right there on the wall to revive each special moment together, at a budget? For Valentine’s Day, the popular Mixtiles promo code was ‘LOVESOMEONE30’, and that offered a 30% discount on the entire bill.

There are a lot of sites out there that offer Mixtiles promo codes and discount coupons. It all depends upon which promo code is currently valid. But what is more critical are the provided instructions on how to apply the promo.

Applying Mixtiles Promo code

Don’t worry! it’s not rocket science. Following a few simple steps gets the job done.

  • Go to Mixtiles website or download the application for Android or iOS
  • For desktop users, just click on the ‘let’s go’. Proceed with providing your name and email address.
  • Select the ‘menu’ icon and choose ‘enter promo code’.
  • Enter the Mixtiles promo code you wish to use.
  • Proceed with the image selection.
  • Then simply checkout.
  • For the applications, one needs to provide the promo code first and then go on to the ‘let’s go’ part. This is very easy, just a bit backward than the desktop version.

Photos are something that can fit into any category of gifts. Whether you are gifting your spouse, your parents, your children, friends, family, colleagues, merely anyone. Plus, no one hates the idea of a decorative corner or wall at home that brings to life some of the happier times.

Style Options

Mixtiles also offer some style options to choose from by uploading the selected photos.

  1. Bold: Gives a black frame without a mat.
  2. Classic: This means a black frame with the mat.
  3. Clean: Provides a white frame without ma.
  4. Ever: White frame with a mat.
  5. Edge: if you are looking for a no frame option selected, this.

Nothing greater than quality

One thing that Mixtiles has assured us of is the high quality of every product. It makes sure that the pictures that are printed are of good quality. If anyone provides an image that is slightly low resolution and would not match the quality standards. They simply ask the client for a reselection. There is a whole system that checks if the pictures provided are enough in resolution to give out a great result.

App Store Rating

Mixtiles are highly popular among masses, and if one looks it up in App Store, it possesses up to 17,000 reviews and a 4.8 rating overall! That is quite huge. And if you are not convinced to make a purchase yet, these reviews will definitely change your mind.

Shipping and excellent Customer Service

The shipping usually takes a week and is completely free. Also, they extend outstanding customer service. Their incredibly helpful staff makes sure that one doesn’t go unattended. If you have any questions or queries, simply email at [email protected] and a person will attend you and resolve your concerns. Their customer representatives are fluent in many languages; hence there is no problem such as a language barrier.

The best thing is when one gets their hands on the Mixtiles promo codes that make the entire experience much cheaper with the same quality and attraction. Mixtiles promo codes can be the best way to cater to the needs for your decoration or can serve as a perfect yet cheaper solution for an upcoming birthday or any special event of your loved ones.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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