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Misia Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career, Relationships & Other Details

Misia is a famous Japanese singer, songwriter, and producer. She has gained a lot of name and fame in the music industry. All the fans are in love with her melodious voice and she has given a lot of hit singles and albums. The African-American vocal trainers helped her polish her singing skills. She was in the eleventh grade and began her training in the gospel and R&B. Her album Hi no Ataru Basho has been very popular while the song everything also took her to new heights. Love is the message is another album that sold over 2 million copies worldwide. Here is all you need to know about Misia.

Bio and Early Life

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Misia was born on July 7, 1978, in Japan. Surprisingly both her parents are doctors. Her father was a big fan of jazz while her mother was in love with Western music. It seems that talent runs in her blood as both her parents studied vocal music.  She grew up well in Tsushima, Nagasaki, and learned morals well. As she had a keen interest in music she started learning piano at the age of four. Her elder brother and sister were also fond of music so she was inspired by them. If this isn’t enough she became a part of the chorus at the age of 9.

It was surprising that her talent got discovered by joining this chorus. Her five-octave singing voice became the talk of the talk. Her elder sister was also taking music lessons here. Once she found out her hidden talent she wanted to pursue music as a career. Along with her sister, she started going to a music academy. She got into Seinan Gakuin University in commercial science and completed her degree. Her age is 42 years currently.

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Career Highlights

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Misia got a chance to debut with the powerful song Tsutsumikomu Yō Ni. The song became an instant hit and peaked at number 11 on the Oricon single charts.  Her second single Hi no Ataru Basho also reached number 9. Due to the high popularity of this song, it was used for the soundtrack of the movie Hood. Mother Father Brother Sister is her first album and it entered the Japanese charts at number 3. The album came to the top spot after a month and her popularity also increased.

She has won the Best New Artist of the Year and Best Pop Album of the Year at the Japan Gold Disc Awards.  Misia was ready to release the second album Love Is the Message that came out in 2000. It has sold over 2 million copies that is a big achievement. Her song everything easily sold 1.9 million copies and her popularity soared to a new level.

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Philanthropy and Net Worth

The total net worth of Misia happens to be around $1-$5 million. She has earned this amount from her acting career. Misia has been actively fundraising and has visited Kenya, Mali, and Malawi. She has set up the charity Child Africa and helping many needy children. They hold concerts and collect donations to provide education facilities to the kids. Misia was appointed Honorary Ambassador for the 10th Meeting of United Nations. Her role is to encourage and deal with the issue of biodiversity.

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