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Mike McCarthy Net Worth, Age, Wife, Biography, Profession, Salary

Mike McCarthy is a famous football coach who is in charge of the team named Green Bay Packers which happens to be a famous team in the NFL. He is a hard working coach who has been working hard for the team so that they can learn the most professional skills of the game. He has been the coach of this team since 2006 and has helped the team achieve biggest wins including the Super Bowl Championship. The super bowl championship happens to be one of the most prominent wins for any team in the NFL.

Personal life and biography

Mike was born on 10th November 1963. He was raised in Pennsylvania, United States. His parents were very simple and loving who believed in supporting their children to the fullest. His father was a policeman and a firefighter but not much is known about his mother. He was a student of Baker University and was able to complete his studies successfully. Since his childhood, he had his mindset on the football and turned passionate to learn every bit of it.

If we talk about his married life he is married to Jessica Kress in 2008 and the couple is blessed with two children. Interestingly Jessica has children from her previous marriage as well. Before getting married to Jessica Mike was in love with his childhood friend and they got married as well. The couple had one daughter however things couldn’t remain pleasant for long and they ended up getting divorced. Mike is 56 years old currently and following the profession of being a coach with ease.

He has a total of 5 children in total but he totally loves his stepchildren as well. They all live like a happy family. Though he has been involved with another woman and got married two times he is going steady with Jessica.

Professional life as a coach

Mike has been a dedicated coach who has worked for the teams Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chief. He started playing football for his university and college teams but during this time found out that he is interested in a different path and chose to become a coach. He was chosen as the assistant coach of the year by a famous US magazine when he started his career as a coach. It was just the beginning and when he started working as a coach for Green Bay packers the team started giving back to back good performances including a super Bowl championship win. He ended the one year contract with the Green Bay packers in 2018. He is 6 feet and 2 inches and known to be a very friendly coach. The teams who have worked under him have good stories to share.

Social media

Mike is known to be very active on social media. He has been giving regular updates about his personal and professional life and whenever he gets time he comes for a live chat as well.

Net worth and Salary

The net worth of Mike happens to be around $7 million and gets a good amount of income annually as well.

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Contract as a coach

In January 2018 Mike signed a 5 year contract with Packers through which he earned $3.4 million a year. He signed another contract with them in 2018 and it’s the very first time a coach has been given such a long extension of contracts for one team. The long association continues in 2019 as well and he again earned $6 million in the year which is a very big achievement.

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