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Exam Dumps for Microsoft AZ-303 Test: The Hottest Topic Among Potential Candidates

Microsoft continues to retire some of its certifications and exams in 2020 to replace them with the role-based paths. Thus, more and more Azure beta tests appear now and then to assess if they worth a shot. Some of the new exams are the improved versions of the old ones. For example, Microsoft AZ-300 has been retired and then replaced with Microsoft AZ-303. We are here to give you the details of this new test and explain the role of practice questions for passing it. We will also look at how beneficial this exam can be for your career.

Exploring exam details and topics

Microsoft AZ-303 is a certification test created to evaluate your capabilities to advise the stakeholders and appropriately convert various business requirements into solutions with greater reliability, security, and scalability. The domains covered in this exam are as follows:

  1. Implementation of Solutions for Apps (10-15%);
  2. Implementation and Monitoring of Azure Infrastructure (50-55%);
  3. Implementation of Security and Management Solutions (25-30%);
  4. Management and Implementation of Data Platforms (10-15%).

The expected number of questions to be answered in the Microsoft AZ-303 exam is 40-60. The format involves multiple-choice questions and case studies. Also, the test could contain single-choice questions based on the scenario. The total duration of this certification exam is 150 minutes. It is currently available in the English language only at a cost of $165.

Using exam dumps and practice tests

The candidates for the Microsoft AZ-303 exam can take instructor-led courses or go for free online training to prepare for this test. Self-study can be used if the learners are on budget and cannot afford to spend a lot of money on their prep process. This is also the case if you just want to prepare on your own without anybody’s help or guidance.

But, all in all, the support of exam dumps is needed despite the preparation option you choose to get prepare for Microsoft AZ-303. These tools can help you eliminate any anxiety that you may experience when attempting this test. Practice questions can also come in handy when it comes to preparing for any certification exam. This prep resources great for helping you become familiar with the actual test, its questions, and the ways to answer them in an assimilated environment.

Enjoying some exam benefits

Passing Microsoft AZ-303 demonstrates to the clients and employers worldwide that you have the latest skills and knowledge of Azure infrastructure, data platform implementation, as well as security and management solutions. The badge you obtain is globally recognized,so getting it gives you an opportunity to apply for great positions that need this knowledge anywhere in the world.

The holders of the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert credential are always in high demand. And with the increase in the use of Microsoft Azure technologies and solutions, they can’t go wrong with the AZ-303 exam.


The need for the professional credentials for the famous Microsoft Azure platform is conspicuously evident, thanks to the constant increasing expanse of Azure services. The new version of the sought-after Microsoft Azure Solutions certificate provides the considerable opportunities for any aspiring IT specialist who wants to establish a successful career. So wait no further and become an expert in the field!

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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