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Memorials Episode 5 & 6 Release Date, Plot & Streaming Details

Memorials is a South Korean Television series and it started a few weeks ago. It has been gaining a lot of success in a short time and now people are waiting to watch episodes 5 & 6. The series has been directed by Hwang Seung-Ki and he has worked hard in bringing something unusual for the fans. Many people are appreciating the show for the concept and great performances of the leads. If you haven’t given it a try yet you should be doing so and we all know K-dramas are loved worldwide. Let’s talk about all the details we have about memorials so far.

What are the new updates for Memorials episodes 5 and 6?

Memorials 2

Goo Se Ra is a prominent officer at the service center named Ma Won-gu. She keeps getting civil complaints and there seems to be no ending of it. However, she always does her duty in the most perfect manner. Seo Gong Myung is also a hardworking officer but due to some circumstances, he has been moved to a low position, and now he is on the bad side of the chief. He is now the person in charge and has to take care of all the complaints. Goo Se Ra also works hard and wants to attain her position at work but despite making all these efforts people don’t like her. She loses her position when someone from another department takes her job position and now she is hopeless and lost her job once again.

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What is the expected plot of Memorials 5 and 6?

Memorials 3

Goo Young Tae is very much stressed to see his daughter in this tough position and now she is unemployed many problems can occur. Se Ra’s father asks for a favor and his old friend Chairman Jo Maeng Deok. At the same time, Se Ra has been rejecting the bad jobs and when she looks at the poster from a renowned Mawon-Gu district assembly. So she decides to handle this position and take part in politics and run the elections. She can take it as an opportunity and become a better person. She calls up all her close friends and will start to the campaign and take help from them.

Things are tougher for all of them and her boyfriend, father and friends don’t support her idea of running this campaign. There is a new construction center which is going to be built and people are very excited about it. All the citizens of Ma-Won-Gu are very angry and they feel the protesting should be done as some school is going to fall down. Things are tough overall and they want to stop the construction bill at every cost. At the same time, the construction bill will not pass if things get tough. She has to gain back the full confidence of people so the construction and campaign can go on quite easily.

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Memorials Episode 5 and 6 Release Date and Streaming Details

Memorials Episode 5 and 6 will be releasing on Wednesday 8th June according to the Korean Standard time. You can get to watch all the latest on South Korean Television channel KBS2 and later it will be uploaded on many online streaming websites. You can watch the episodes on Rakuten Viki which is a streaming website and all the episodes are given in English Subtitles.

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