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Mega Million Results For 11/5/2019 Jackpot Worth $127 Million

Mega million is a website that helps you win cash. By playing on this website you would start your journey of being rich at the quickest rate possible. Mega million holds a record of giving out the largest amount of cash which is $ 650 million. It’s very easy to play the game and you don’t really need to buy millions of lottery tickets to win prizes. Mega million is a US based lottery site but people from all over the world can play from this site. You just need to be over the age of 16.

How to Play the Game on Mega million

Have you ever heard of the game thunderbolt? Mega million is very similar to that. Regular numbers are placed before you and then there is a mega ball that is similar to Thunderbolt.

You have to choose 5 numbers from 1-75. You have to option to pick numbers manually or do a quick pick. In the option of the mega ball, you have to choose the number 1-15. It ends up being 1 line but the almost 7 maximum lines can be made. You can create 7 lines per 1 ticket.

The lottery for the mega ball takes place on Tuesday and Friday. So you have 2 chances to win millions of bucks every week. The least amount that you win in this type of lottery is $ 15 million. But you have the option of winning a lot more than this.

If there is inflation the amount of winning increases. So there are various reasons why mega millions is the top lotto site.

Payout of Mega Million

It is definitely the player’s job to get the right winning numbers. If you lose then those numbers will move on to the next draw. And if two people have entered the same number the prize will be split into 2 people.

The mega ball is the main excitement at this site. This puts your jackpot into a million dollar prize. If you have got 5 numbers right but haven’t won mega ball then your final prize would be $ 1 million. Even this much is a lot to win.

If the players become successful in achieving the mega ball then the ticket price returns to you and you have the opportunity to win many more prizes from the same ticket. There is a high chance of winning in this lotto.

11/5/2019 jackpot of $ 127

On every Tuesday the jackpot amount of lottery of Mega million is $ 127. The winning numbers for 11/5/2019 were 2, 9, 24, 49 and 54. Someone won this whooping amount but he did not claim the prize money which was quite astonishing. People and media outlets are waiting for that person to come out and claim the prize.

Latest Winning Numbers

DRAWING DATE: Tuesday, 11/5/2019

2, 9, 24, 49, 54, 19

Biggest winners at the website Mega Millions So far

Here is a list of a few winners who have won miraculous amounts of money on Mega millions. Most of these people have kept their names anonymous.

  • A member called BG won $ 250,000
  • A member called NB also won $ 250,000
  • Katie from the UK won $150,000
  • Unknown from the USA won $ 450,000
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