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Max Von Sydow Net Worth with Biography and Reason of Death

Max Von Sydown was a Sweden born actor and artist who made a big contribution in European and American film industry. He was a part of more than 100 TV shows and movies and was a big name in the entertainment industry. His handsome face and impressive aura made him the brilliant star he was during the peak of his career. He made headlines for being one of the top rated actors and will always be remembered as a legend. Let’s get to know about the life that he lived and the achievements he had during the 90years of his glorious life.

Who was Max Von Sydow?

Max Von Sydow was born on 10th April 1929 in Sweden and the shining star rose to fame when he started appearing in TV shows. He was born to a professor and a school teacher who together made him the admirable being that he was. Von Sydow went to a cathedral school in Sweden and at an early age of his life he started learning English that later benefited him a lot as he became an actor and appeared in Hollywood movies. At school, he was the leader of an acting group that performed in the School Theater and shows. He served in the Swedish military for two years as serving in the army is mandatory in Sweden. He started his acting career as a theater artist where he got to meet his mentor who later introduced him to film producers.

Max Von Movies and TV shows

  • Only a Mother (1949) as in Nils
  • Miss Julie (1951) as in Hand
  • Ingen mans kvinna [sv] (1953) as in Olaf
  • Rätten att älska [sv] (1956) as in Bergman
  • The Seventh Seal (1957) as in Antonius Block
  • Wild Strawberries (1957) as in Henrik Åkerman
  • Prästen i Uddarbo [sv] (1957) as in Gustaf Ömark
  • Brink of Life (1958) as in Harry Andersson
  • Rabies (1958) as in Bo Stensson Svenningson
  • Truth & Treason (2012) as in Frank Fikeis
  • Branded (2012) as in Joseph Pascal
  • Dragons 3D (2013) as in Dr Alistair Conis
  • The Letters (2015) as in Father Celeste van Exem
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) as in Lor San Tekka
  • The First, the Last (2016) as in The Undertaker
  • Kursk (2018) as in Vladimir Petrenko

Cause of Death

The popular Swedish actor Max Von is a popular actor who has made a name for himself by starring in so many great movies. He was most loved for playing an impressive character in the Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, the legendary actor died at the age of 90 and the news was confirmed by his wife who is still in shock because of his sudden demise. He died on Sunday and his family is mourning over his loss however no one has disclosed the real cause of death so we are also unsure till any definite news comes out.

Net worth

Max Von has earned quite a lot of money due to his amazing portrayal in films and dramas. He was also a popular face and endorsed many famous brands during his peak years. Despite of being an old actor, he was loved by many all over the globe. His net worth is estimated to be $12 million and he used to lead a lavish lifestyle with his family.

Trivia: Important facts

  • Max learned both German and English during his school days
  • He learned acting by getting admission into municipal theater
  • Max was known to have a distinctive and ground breaking voice. He gave his voice to many important video games and advertising films
  • He was known to be a versatile actor who portrayed many different roles to impress his fans
  • He was a Swedish but lived in Paris almost all his life
  • He was one of very few actors who got Oscar nominations despite being an actor from a different country all together

Personal life

If we talk about his love life he was married twice and had a divorce from his first wife Christina Olin. His second marriage was successful and he was in love with his second wife Catherine Brelet. The couple was blessed with four children.

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