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Mackenzie Scott Net Worth, Bio, Age, Relationships & Career

MacKenzie Scott is one of the richest people in the world. She is 50 years old currently and is a well-known writer and philanthropist. Her major share of net worth comes from her divorce settlement. She got $38 billion in 2019 as her alimony. She is popularly known as being the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos. Many people already know that she has a 4% share in Amazon. MacKenzie is currently the third wealthiest women in the USA. If you want to know more about her keep reading the article below:

Bio and Early Life

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MacKenzie Scott Tuttle was born on April 7, 1970, in San Francisco, California. His father was a financial planner while mother was a homemaker. While growing up MacKenzie was into writing. She was only six when she wrote the book worm. It was a 142-page book that was written very well. However this book was destroyed during the floods. In 1988, she completed her graduation from Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut. She completed her bachelor’s degree in English from the prestigious Princeton University in 1992. Her teachers considered her one of the best in her creative writing class. Apart from that she has also worked as a research assistant to Morrison for her novel Jazz.

Net Worth

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MacKenzie Scott has an amazing net worth of $60 billion. Her major source of income is her career as a writer. According to the latest update from Bloomberg Billionaires Index her net worth has seen a significant increase over the years. Even though she has a big amount of Net worth she spends a lot of money on charity organizations. Due to this her financial status sees fluctuations often. She recently donated around $4.1 billion in the last few months.

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Literary career and investment in Amazon

In 2005 MacKenzie started writing her first official book.  The Testing of Luther Albright became a famous selling book and she also won the American book Award. She revealed that it took her over 10 years to write this book. While all this time she was married to Jeff and also gave birth to three kids. Toni Morrison is her former teacher and she got a lot to learn from her. Her second novel with the name traps was published in 2013 and got immense success. As she wanted to concentrate on family life she invested 4% share in Amazon to help it grow further.

Personal Life and Kids

MacKenzie got married to Jeff Bezos. He is the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin. Their marriage lasted for a long time, but ended up sadly. They met each other while she was working as his assistant at the D.E. Shaw. It was only after three months of dating they decided to get married. The couple is blessed with four children that is three sons and one daughter. One daughter is adopted while her three sons are their own. When they got divorced she got a huge amount of money in her alimony. After her divorce she got married to Dan Jewett in 2021.

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