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Lost In Space Season 2 Netflix Release Date And Cast

Lost in Space season 2 is arriving soon and making every fan impatient. Many are wondering how the story will turn out this season and will it be as interesting as the first one. There is a lot of danger ahead for the much love Robinson family. Robinson family is full of genius characters. Father is a navy engineer and mother is also an aerospace engineer. Not to forget their children are super cool and talented when it comes performing well in science and maths. The Robinson family is fond of joining colony but their hopes are lost when their ship is attacked leaving them nowhere to be seen. Let’s get to know more about the season two

Everything you need to know about season two

During the ending of season 1, Robinson family embarks on a journey to join their preferred colony but its attack on the ocean. The story of season two will focus on how the Robinson family finds the beloved robot that will help them return home. Their beloved robot has gone missing and they are impatient to bring him back at any cost. Have you seen our Robot is the title of the first trailer?

Review on the trailer

The trailer which released on October 25th is mind-blowing as it shows how distressed Robinson family is because of this issue. They are all alone on the ocean and missing their robot friend. Will they be able to reunite with their friend? Let’s wait and see.

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The soundtrack of the film includes the mesmerizing tune of what a wonderful world. The trailer of season 2 also shows the interesting characters of Dr Smith and Don West (Ignacio Serricchio). They will spice up the story even more. There is also a character played by JJ who will most probably be the villain and an enemy of the much loved Robinson family.

Know more about the Plot

This time the story will be more mysterious and adventures, you will enjoy each and every moment which will include a lot of thrill as well. A lot of new threats by the enemy and discoveries from the Robinson family will blow you away. Doctor Smith and Don west will be very pleasing characters who will think of ideas to help Robinson family in finding their robot and also reach the colony partners. All the people from the colony are already scattered in various areas because of the attack on the ship. How will Robinson’s rescue them and their friend, Is the theme of this season. This is an official presentation by Netflix.

Cast and director and scriptwriter

The script of this season is written by the legendary and talented writer duo Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. Mark is the director of this film. Nearly all the shooting of the film has been done in Iceland which will give visual appeal to the audience. Toby Stephens and Molly Parker are the leads while there is a talented bunch of kids too. Brain Steele plays an interesting Robot.

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Release date of Lost in Space Season 2

After the success of season one Netflix has brought this interesting piece to entertain all the viewers. Netflix is gaining lot popularity recently and the second season will debut on 24th December 2019

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