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Little Mix The Search Postponed Due To The Pandemic

Little Mix The Search season 1 has been postponed and the delay due is due to the unavoidable circumstances. Little Mix The Search is a UK reality television show. The first announcement about the arrival of the show was announced in April 2020.

Initially, the show was going to start this year but got delayed due to the pandemic. Many shows have been delayed due to coronavirus and similar is the case with Little Mix The Search. Based on the latest information the show has been delayed and episode 7 will be released later when the situation gets better.

Little Mix The Search: What is it about?

Little Mix The Search has released its first season and 6 episodes of the show have already been released. Each episode of the show had a run time of around 60 minutes. Most of the reality shows are 60 minutes long and we can expect the new episodes of the show to be 60 minutes long as well. The show recently released six episodes and has received positive comments from the audience. The show has been shot in the United Kingdom but has gained fame all over the world.

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What are the latest updates on Little Mix The Search?

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There was a long debate whether the shoot of the show should start or not and the progress of the series was delayed due to the covid-19. The team of Little Mix The Search is going to start shooting under government restrictions. It was announced earlier that the series will be released late this year but that schedule couldn’t come into play because of the pandemic. The show was supposed to be released on 26 September 2020. After six episodes the show has been further delayed. Many series have been postponed and many series got canceled as well.

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Why Is Little Mix The Search Delayed?

Little Mix The Search season 1 Episode 7 was going to release on 17 October 2020, but the schedule has been canceled because few cast members from the series have tested positive for the COVID-19. The release date has been rescheduled and now we will be able to watch the new episode on 24 October 2020. Many BBC One shows have been rescheduled and the fans of the TV series can expect further delays as well.

How is the response to Little Mix The Search?

The show has been gaining a lot of popularity and each episode of the reality show has been followed by over 2 million followers. The show has become a major success and is one of the few shows that have gained so much success despite being a Great Britain show. The team and crew of the show followed strict isolation but some of the cast members have still tested positive.

The good news is that there won’t be any further delay and the seventh episode of the first season of the reality show will be released on 24th October. The reality show released some episodes that showed pre-filmed auditions and some episodes also focused on the group formation episodes. On 14 October 2020, the channel and the makers made an official announcement on Twitter that the 7th episode of the show has been postponed.

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