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Linda Cardellini Net Worth, Career Highlights, Bio, Personal Life & Relationships

Linda Cardellini is a popular American actress who has gained a lot of fame worldwide. She has good acting skills and fans and critics appreciate her good performance. Linda has given her voice for some of the most prominent animated movies as well. She has the vision to pick diverse roles and performs with full dedication and conviction. If you want to know more details regarding her career and personal life go through this article below.


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Linda was born and brought up in California. Her birthday is on 25th June 1975 and is 45 years old currently. Her parents are Wayne and Lorraine Cardellini and they both supported her in all adventures. She was interested in acting and featured on TV even when she was only in elementary school. Her school loved the performances she gave in the school plays or dramas. She was only 10 when she started acting and couldn’t pay much attention to her studies. However, her parents convinced that she should complete her graduation and then pursue acting as a full-time career. She got her degree in communications and Fine arts with a good score. Linda is a tall and beautiful woman and her height is five feet and two inches.

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Career Highlights

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Linda has been a part of many good movies and TV shows thanks to her skills and talent. In 1996 she was cast in a kid’s show named Bone Chillers. It was the start of her professional career but the roles that took her to new heights were something else. She got more prominence and success after joining the TV shows named Freaks and Greeks, Mad Men, Bloodline, and dead to me. Her best films to date are Scooby-Doo and Grandma’s Boy. Linda got a lot of name and fame and every big director was ready to cast her. She believes in doing hard work and thinks that she has a lot more to achieve.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Linda happens to be $8 million. Her career is going steady even after reaching her 40’s. She spends moderately but has a huge collection of her favorite dresses and other accessories. As far as cars are concerned she loves to drive big cars and has a huge house too. She also works in many advertisements and it is another good source of income for her. Linda is a hard-working actress and has gained a lot of things due to her hard work.

Personal Life

The first relationship with Linda came into the limelight when she dated her co-star Jason Segel for five years after the ending of the show. She was later dating Steven Rodriguez and gave birth to their daughter in 2012. The couple has been good friends since childhood and their relationship turned into love. They are engaged and may plan to marry soon. Linda has been managing her personal and professional life very successfully so far. She is an inspiration for the young actors who want to make a mark in this industry. Apart from this, there have been no personal details about her dating.

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