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Lenny Dykstra Net Worth, Career, Bio, Age & Personal Life

Lenny Dykstra is an American professional baseball player but is now retired from the sport. He has been a successful player for the New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies. The career graph of Lenny kept shinning and he has made a lot of records in the sport. He won a World Series championship with the Mets and became an all-rounder star more than three times.

Lenny has been into some financial and legal difficulties since the time of his retirement. Due to all these controversies he went bankrupt and served in jail due to all these problems. If you want to have more details on his personal and professional life read on below:

Quick facts

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Lenny Dykstra was born on February 10th, 1963 and he is 57 years old currently. He was fond of playing baseball since his young age and luck also favored him. His parents were not very happy with his decision but he decided to move on this path. Lenny is a hard worker and he learned well about the skills of the game.

Financial and Legal Issues


After retiring from baseball Lenny became ambitious and wanted to start something new. The business ventures included jet Charter Company, magazines, and many other important ventures. After a few years, he realized that all these businesses aren’t making a mark. He had to face a lot of allegations including credit card and check fraud. Later he failed to pay the rent things got even worse and that got him twisted with never-ending lawsuits. He went bankrupt and a huge part of his net worth went into it. The $50 million debt hit him hard and he was really confused about what to do.

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Baseball career

Lenny started his baseball career in 1981 when he was signed by the Mets. You will be surprised to know that he got the nickname of Nails due to his good performance. He is known to be a fearless player and got the perfect skills to win against the opponent. The major controversy started when he was involved in a drunk driving issue. There was an issue with the decision of the empire and he wasn’t happy with it. In 1985 he was a part of major leagues and made many home runs throughout the series. Lenny became a winner of World Series Championship and it continued for many years to come.

Steroid Use and Net Worth

In 2007 according to some reports, it was revealed that he has been using steroids for many years. It led to another controversy and he explained that he uses steroids to perform well. He was always in danger of getting replaced so that is why he took this step. Even though his professional life was full of controversies he made sure that his career isn’t affected because of it. The total net worth of Lenny happens to be around $25 million but he had to suffer a lot due to bankruptcy issues. He has got $400,000 assets that were hidden but the prosecutors also got a hold of them secretly.

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