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Lego Releases Disney’s Chip ‘n’ Dale With A New BrickHeadz Set

The Rescue Rangers are back once again. The fans of Chip and Dale are in for a treat as Lego has released a new set of Chip ’n’ Dale. You must get ready for some brick-built adventures. LEGO has revealed that the newest Disney BrickHeadz set will come out soon. Here is all you need to know about Disney’s Chip n Dale.

Disney’s Chip N Dale Features

Chip & Dale will be arriving in a simple yet fantastic 226 piece set. The brick heads set will showcase the animated chipmunks in all their glory. The iconic cartoon characters will be back once again to excite you. If you are a fan of the iconic characters then you will be excited to know about the latest updates about the cartoon characters.

Chip N Dale will be nicely recreated in LEGO format. They will be loaded with personality. These figures are not articulated, and they will be designed with color. They are also nicely sculpted in brick form. This will be fun for kid and adult fans of Chip n Dale. The cartoon characters will be 3.5 inches tall.

Disney’s Chip n Dale Price

Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers figures will be one of the best fun collections for all the Rescue Rangers fans. The new characters will be a fun collector for any desk or office. LEGO has also revealed the prices of the Rescue Rangers. Disney’s Chip n Dale is priced at $19.99.

Disney’s Chip n Dale Release Date

Disney’s Chip n Dale will be up for a pre-order on March 1, 2022. The Pre-orders are not live, but they will be available for pre-orders soon. You can check out all the other upcoming BrickHeadz releases with Stranger Things, Toy Story, and so much more soon as well.

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Disney Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers Updates

The team behind Disney’s Chip N Dale character sets will launch soon. Here is what the team had to say about the characters.

“Dive back into childhood with this fun LEGO® BrickHeadz™ style buildable figures of Disney’s adorable chipmunk characters Chip ‘n’ Dale (40550). This is a super gift idea for kids aged 10 and up, who will love the authentic details of the outfits from the show Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers, which reflect the chipmunks’ individual personalities. With baseplates for display, these delightful construction models will make an eye-catching addition to any cartoon fan’s collection.”

Disney’ Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers Features

  • Brick-built cartoon characters with a Buildable LEGO® BrickHeadz™ ǀ Disney Chip ‘n’ Dale (40550), will have their own iconic outfit. The outfit will be inspired by Disney’s Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers
  • A playful display piece will be designed with the 226-piece LEGO®. Disney building toys will be available for the kids for the age of 10 and upcomes. The step-by-step building instructions will come with baseplates for display
  • Gift idea – These creative buildable LEGO® figures will be 3.5 in. (9 cm) high, 1.5 in. (4 cm) wide, and 1.5 in. (4 cm) deep. This set will be a great gift for the fans of the cartoons or Disney’s Chip ‘n Dale
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