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Kundali Bhagya 14th February, 2020 Written Full Episode Update

In tonight’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, Rishab is with Karan who is remembering what Sarla did with him when he was unable to fulfill his pledge, Rishab asks him to come with them to the house as absolutely nothing will be achieved with this, then Karan explains that he is truly frightened about what will occur in the court, then Shrishti follows which Karan asks them both to go inside your house as he will talk with her, she asks why did he assure them of his assistance when he was not able to do anything and she feels that it was simply a drama, he asks her if she really thinks he resembles this.

Preeta is being taken when the inspector asks the chauffeur to hurry up then the jeep enters into an accident and after that preeta attempts to do all that she can to help them but nobody is stopping them a car stops and she pleads with them to help her however they encourage that she escape, then she describes that she is a real and truthful individual however then the inspector comes and sits in the vehicle, he leaves without fretting for anybody, then the girl constable comes describing that she must go after the truck driver whom she feels is the culprit behind this, Preeta actually thanks her for her assistance.

Shrishti discusses that she feels that he does not care for Preeta and he has actually once again deceived them and her mom says that he is truly an enemy however then karan discusses that he will do all that he can to save Preeta as she means the most to him and then Shrishti also does not think him but Preeta is calling her and she does not get, he forces her to answer it then they both come to know that it is Preeta who describes that she ahs seen the chauffeur and so they will capture him,. karan also listens and gets his bike discussing that he will take preeta with him and she must go back home,

Preeta is basing on the roadway thinking what she needs to do as she is the one who was wronged therefore will do all that she can to conserve herself as she has only one night to show her innocence simply then karan comes from behind asking her to sit with him, she is reluctant but he snaps when she does not sit properly, she discusses that she is really happy that he concerned assist her and when they are riding the bike the fuel goes out and they both will hey into a fight, he goes to a couple requesting them to give their cars and truck to him as he requires it, they gladly oblige so when he is about to leave a vendor comes pleading with him to buy flowers from him, he believes and after that concurs.

Preeta is standing questioning what has occurred and weather condition they would have the ability to catch the motorist as he may have left the restaurant till the time they reach it, she signifies a vehicle to stop however is shocked to see that it is Karan who is driving it, he exclaims that he is the Karan Luthra, she sits in to discover a whole lot of Roses and is likewise truly amazed to see the automobile as it is entirely decorated, she is left shocked whereas he is looking romantically at her.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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