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Kris Statlander Confirms Her Injury & Update On Penelope Ford’s AEW Return

Many people are talking about the special ‘AEW Dynamite: Quack by the Lake’ episode that happened last night. One thing that viewers didn’t like is the injury of Kris Statlander. She suffered an injury to her knee and things don’t seem to be going well for her.

It isn’t surprising that she will be out of action and won’t be a part of AEW Women’s World Championship and another championship. Her injury happened when she was having a match against Sierra on ‘AEW Dark’. It wasn’t stoppable as she landed on her leg in the home stretch bout. Here is more to this story:

Kris Believes She Will Come Stronger Than Before

kris 2

As everyone is aware that Kris Statlander suffered an injury in one of her recent matches. However the question arises what is the seriousness of this injury? A report suggests that she had to stay on crutches backstage at ‘Dynamite’ last night. Some parts of her knee are badly injured. There is still no confirmation on when she will be back.

We all have to wait and see what happens and how soon she recovers. If you are looking for some confirmation from Kris side, the news have finally arrived. She took her twitter to reveal all about her injury. Kris talked about her injury while putting a status on twitter which states “Welp. One knee fixed, one to go,” Here is how she continues:

“After the first knee injury I came back stronger and better than ever, so it’s all over for you all when I come back from this one. I’m sorry to let you all done once again. I’ll be back bigger, more powerful, and more than a woman.”

Kris celebrated her 27th birthday on 5th August this year. She has been having a series of injuries since few years now. Her previous injury was torn ACL in her left leg that happened back in June last year. If this isn’t enough she has been out of action for over a year. Her final return happened in March 2021 but she is once again injured. There is no update on when she will be back and what’s next on her schedule.

Penelope Ford Returns To AEW

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Penelope For is an AEW original and she signed up with the company in 2019. She first started as a ringside instead of an in-ring competitor. Her debut break came against former AEW talent Joey Janela. She finally decided to find herself by Kip Sabian side. Many people were surprised to see the absence of Penelope as she got married. Her last prominent match has been on “AEW Rampage: New Year’s smash’’.

During this match she teamed up with ‘The Bunny’ and had to take on Tay Conti (now known as Tay Melo). Anna Jay was also involved in this bloody street fight along all of them. Penelope took part in a wild spot for that match. Conti hit her with a pile driver through the apron. With this move she moved of commission allowed Anna Jay to take a move. It all put the Queen slayer on Bunny and got the submission victory.

Ford has been out of AEW ring for several months now. She played her last match on January 15th episode of ‘AEW Dark’. In this match she defeated Angelica Risk. However, since then she has not appeared on any of the events. Due to this many fans believe she is on the backburner of All Elite. According to Tony Khan who is the president of AEW, made every one believe she will be back. They are ready to wait till she is medically cleared to come back. If ‘AEW Dark: Elevation is the indication, fans will not have to wait for her comeback anymore.

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Ready to Be Elevated

“AEW Quake at the Lake” took place in the evening at Minneapolis. Both, “AEW Dark” and “AEW Dark: Elevation,” are ready to stream YouTube Channel. According to the latest reports Ford made her in-ring return at the ‘Elevation’ tapings. All the fans will finally be able to see her compete again in one of the upcoming episodes.

Penelope will be competing in singles action against Heather Reckless on the show. She came out as a winner and surprised everyone with her performance. All the wrestling fans who have been in the audience noted her interaction with Kip Sabian. Kip has been inside the ring as her usual days. Even she has been out of action for a while but is ready to give brilliant performances. If you want more news and updates on wrestling, don’t forget to check this space.

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