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Kim Kardashian Net Worth, Bio, Age & More

Kim Kardashian is an American reality television star, model, entrepreneur, and spokesperson. She is one of the most prominent and highest-earning celebrities. She has earned a loyal fan following in a short time. Kim got married to Kanye West and since then their net worth and popularity are just increasing. We have got all the details about her personal and professional life so if you want to know her better read on below:

Early life and rise to fame


Kim Kardashian was born on 21st October 1980 in California. Her father Robert Kardashian was a famous lawyer and her mother Kris Kardashian was also a known celebrity. Kim started out her career as a stylist for many prominent celebrities and one of her most regular clients was her best friend Paris Hilton. Kim Kardashian belongs to a very big family because she has some stepbrothers and sisters too. Kendall and Kylie are her stepsisters and their father is an Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner. Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are her real sisters and she is also on good terms with everyone.

Over the last ten year, Kim is everywhere as she has been into many professions and gained success almost everywhere. At such a young age she has got a clothing brand, selling weight loss products, and perfume, and retail endorsements. She is a star of reality television series and gets a huge amount of money for her appearances.

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Sex tape controversy and personal relationships

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Kim got popular after getting into a sex tape controversy with R-Jay and this popularity led to her entry into the reality television series named keeping up with the Kardashians. Since then her popularity increased even more and she has been a model for many magazines and movies altogether. She also got the opportunity to date some famous NFL stars and got married to Kris Humphries.

The marriage lasted for only 72 days but she earned $18 million because of endorsements and selling off wedding pictures. Kim later got involved with Kanye west and got married to him. They used to make several appearances with him and they are one of the most loved couples. They got married in 2014 and the couple is now blessed with a beautiful daughter and two other children.

Net worth Milestones

The estimated net worth of Kim Kardashian is $900 million while her salary per year is $80 million. If we combine her net worth with her husband it is $4.1 billion which is massive. They own a lot of properties together and have a huge mansion. One of her most profitable businesses is the KKW beauty line which generates the highest revenue of $100 million every year. She also generates a lot of profits from the video games.

She has got a $ 4.8 million mansion in Beverly Hills. The five-bedroom mansion is massive and has a lot of other facilities too. She likes to keep a private jet for travel. During her wedding fans were astonished to see her ring which had 65-carat sparkling diamonds. She leads a lavish life and has all the luxurious things at her disposal.

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