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Kendrick Perkins Net worth, age, wife, Height, salary and profession

Kendrick Perkins is an American NBA player and plays for the team Cleveland Cavaliers. The wonderful player and an aspiring basketball player to many budding basketball players has won many appraisals and accolades for his exceptional skills for the sport. He made his team Boston Celtic win the championship in 2008. We are going to spill a lot of personal and professional information about the NBA player’s life. If you are his fan and have been watching him play in the NBA games for a long time and always wanted to know about him you are at the right place.

What is Kendrick Perkins net worth?

Whenever we hear about any famous athlete or a celebrity we always get curious about how much they earn. Kendrick Perkins is also one of those players who has earned a good amount of net worth. According to the reports released in the media, Kendrick Perkins has a net worth of $ 18 million.

He has accumulated this much of net worth from playing basketball in the NBA for a decade. This immense net worth of Perkins has made him stand among the richest NBA players. The NBA player has participated in the final 5 times for the NBA league and has played for 4 teams. Such amount is expected for an exceptional player like him. He is also an ambassador for big brands in the USA and he earns a good amount of money from endorsing products as well.

His personal life wife and son

There is a lot of talk about basketball player’s career and professional life but not much is known about their personal life. Kendrick Perkins has been lucky in love and is married to his long-time girlfriend Vanity Alpough. The couple has been married since 2009. Most people speculate that if a person is rich and famous they don’t have a steady relationship because that doesn’t go well and fit with being popular and in demand.

Perkins has proved the world wrong and he and his wife often give out couple goals. The very much in love couple have 2 sons together and the family is living a blissful life. The family is often seen going on holidays and lovely pictures of the family are all around the internet. The fans of the NBA player are always wishing well for their favorite couple.

Biography Age and height

Kendrick Perkins was born on 10th November 1984 in Texas. He is 34 years old. The NBA player has been passionate about basketball since a young age and always wanted to play the game at a professional level. As they say if you are passionate about something and stick to your goal achieving your dreams isn’t impossible. He played basket ball when he was in University and has played for many teams. He is 6 feet 10 inches tall which makes him a lot taller than people with average height. Being a basket ball player requires a good height so 6 feet 10 inches tall is an ideal height for an NBA player. His family always supported him and they have a big hand in making him the successful player he is today. His parents were supportive of his passion for basketball and so is his wife.

Kendrick Perkins Twitter

Kendrick Perkins is active on social media networking sites. He is very active on Twitter and posts details about his life and game. He has a great number of followers and his supporters tweet him every day and wish love and support regularly.

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