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Ken Griffey Jr Net Worth, Age, Bio, Career & More

Ken Griffey Jr is a former American professional baseball player. He is one of the richest and most prominent players and fondly known as Griffey junior. He has great skills and has been playing for both Seattle Mariners and the Cincinnati Reds. Ken was known as making the most of home runs in the history of baseball and his skills are widely appreciated by one and all. Throughout his career, he has made 630 home runs and that makes him enter the all-time home run ranking at the number seven spot.

Apart from making the most of home runs he has also been an excellent defensive player.he has won Golden Glove awards almost ten times in a row and this feat is not easy to achieve. All the achievements made him enter the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2016 and he was lucky enough to win by a huge margin taking 99% of the votes. He later got the chance to become a consultant for the team.

Salary and contract

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During his baseball career, Ken became one of the most prominent players and earned a big amount of $150 million in salary. His peak annual salary happens to be $12.5million and he earned it for playing four baseball seasons in a row.MLB salary, on the whole, was about $2.3 million. He signed a big contract with the teams and earned a total of $116.5 million through it. He has also invested a lot in real estate and bought a mansion worth millions.

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Early Life

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Ken was born on 21st November 1969 in Pennsylvania. He was born in a family who was already into baseball and his father Ken Griffey Senior was also a good baseball player. Luckily he could get a lot of tips from his father and learned playing the basics from him. He had the potential from a young age and as soon as reached his school he was already a prominent baseball player. He hit 17 home runs during these seasons and became more prominent for his skills when he was drafted for NFL. He also received scholarships from many colleges due to his talent. He is 50 years old and his height is six feet and two inches.

Film and Television appearances

Apart from the successful baseball career, Ken starred in some of the most prominent films and TV. The famous show in which he did a cameo includes the following:

  • The Simpsons
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  • Little Big League
  • Summer Catch


Griffey got married to his long time love Melissa and they were blessed with two children together. They even planned to opt for a third child later on and their son is also getting popularity as an NFL player. His daughter is also a part of the women’s basketball team and the entire family is currently living in Florida and spending a great time together.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth is $90 million while his annual salary is $3.5 million. He recently bought a mansion for $2.75 million in Florida and he is living there with his family. There are many cars parked in his house and he leads a lavish life. Ken was suffering from lung disease due to which he has to get regular treatment.

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