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Journey To MoonRay Release Date, Plot, Gaming Features & All You Need To Know

Element 115 are the makers of the popular game journey to MoonRay. They have revealed that Journey to MoonRay will have an Early Access release later this year. The game is associated with the shared surreal universe of the company. The early Access version will be coming out in Q4 2021. They also plan to release a final version on PC sometime early this year. The console version will come out in next year’s summer. With the solid plans from the team, it seems they will fulfill their goals with ease. For now, fans will not have much information about the plot and other details regarding the game. Here is all you need to know about Journey to MoonRay.

What is the plot of MoonRay?

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Journey to MoonRay is an interesting game that will take the gamers to a new level altogether. It depicts the voyage that is happening around the hyperspace. On the way to the planet, there is a Souls-like hack-and-slash where MoonRay takes place. Gamers will be excited to know that there are about 40 gorgeous dynamic levels available in the early access of Journey to MoonRay. It is a little challenging to win this battle and you have to keep your mind active. There are enemies, bosses, bullets, and bombs that will create a lot of disruption along with the cosmic liquids of the battlefield. The background and features are nothing less than a visual treat.

What are the gaming features of MoonRay?

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It is not surprising that gamers can plunge into massive waves of enemies throughout the game. There are 700 high-tech fluid shaders and the gamers have the capacity to unlock various things according to the requirements of the game. You or your friends can take the position of a shooter and keep your favorite liquid looks. The game is designed in such a way that you can take full advantage of the latest GPU technologies. Journey to MoonRay offers powerful and beautiful shaders that are created on fluid physics. The shaders are generated from liquid flow mechanics while there are various and patterns in nature. The how spots that form on a leopard’s fur are very appealing.

The real-time gameplay makes it easy for the gamers to have their input from battles. The background visuals are top-notch and the audio is very clear. There are visual banquet table features along with four game modes. The early access version Reach is not very easy to deal with. The target score has to be achieved within a set time limit. Gamers can only rack up points when they are working against the battling waves.

What is the release date of Journey to MoonRay?

Journey to MoonRay will get early access in 2021. The gaming lovers will be in for a fun and entertaining ride as the game is better and bigger than before. You can enjoy new features and take up new challenges with ease. You need to take a challenge against the deadly enemies in Boss mode. However, it is the toughest challenge to deal with until the time runs out.

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