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John Lennon Net Worth, Profession, Early Life & More

John Lennon was an English musician, singer, and songwriter but unfortunately, he died in December 1980. He was very popular since he became a member of ‘The Beatles’. He has been one of the most renowned musicians of his time and he also used to write soulful lyrics for many songs the band was releasing. He was always acclaimed for his songwriting skills and became an important member of the band in a short time. Apart from music he was actively participating in the peace movement that began in the 60’s.Let’s get into more details about John Lennon.


Early life

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John Lennon was born on 9th October 1940 in Liverpool England. During his childhood, he didn’t stay for a long time at home as his father was a seaman during the war. When his father was away on the journey his mother was pregnant with another child. There were custody issues going on between the parents but John stayed with his mother since his birth. He started taking a keen interest in music when he was young and his mother bought him a guitar. After a few years, John’s mother died and he became very rebellious at school.

John Lennon’s entry into The Beatles and married life

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John Lennon got an opportunity to become a part of the Beatles as he was involved in music since the age of 15. The first hit single of the band was Love Me Do and after some time they released an album Please Please Me which became popular in a short time. Fans used to be crazy for the band and their concert was always full of many people.

John got into a controversy when he claimed that the band is even more famous than Jesus which made many people angry. John got married to his lady love named Yoko and they stayed together for many years altogether. It was during the time when the Beatles were already spreading apart and John was one of the first members to leave the band.

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Solo Career and Death Controversy

Lennon began his solo career in 1970 and he even collaborated with his wife Yoko. The album he released got a lot of critical acclaims but couldn’t really get any commercial success. He gained commercial success after releasing his second album named Imagine. His success in the music scene kept growing but he planned to take a break for five years. When he returned to music in 1980 he released few singles and an album too.

On 8th December 1980, he died and according to various news sections he was murdered. You will be surprised to know that he was shot with a gun four times on his back. If sources are to believed he was shot by one of his fans who wanted to get famous at any cost. It came out as shocking news for many and his sudden death raised many eyebrows. His music is still loved and people still prefer to listen to it over other options.

Net Worth

The Net worth of John Lennon is estimated to be $200 and he was known as the richest musician of his time. Major income came from his songwriting but at the same time, he was interested in giving away a lot of charity too. His death had shocked many but he is still loved by a lot of people.

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