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John Kerry Net Worth, Career Highlights, Relationships, Bio & More

John Kerry is an American politician and diplomat. He is one of the richest politicians and has got a big net worth. John is known as the Senator and the 68th United States Secretary of State. He is a veteran of Vietnam and is very much against the war that created a lot of trouble. If this isn’t enough he is an active soldier, lawyer, military officer, prosecutor, and spokesperson. All this speaks volumes of his talent. If you are interested to know more about him, read on below.


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John Kerry was born on December 11th, 1943 while he is 77 years old currently. He was born and brought up in Colorado and has got four other siblings. His parents Richard John Kerry and Rosemary Forbes belonged to a simple background. His father was working for the army while his mother was a housewife. It was due to his great aunt that he got to study in a prestigious college. She paid for his school fees as she was a rich lady. He completed his degree from Yale University in political science. As he was growing up the war with Vietnam broke out and it also affected his grades. His height is six feet and three inches.

Political career

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John’s political career started when he became an assistant district attorney. He even co-founded a private firm that helped him gain more success. Things became even more challenging when he started working as the Governor of Massachusetts under Michael Dukakis. He worked as a Senator in the USA and also the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. All this while, he used to listen to all the hearing from the authoritative figures. If this isn’t enough he has worked as a Secretary of State during the rule of Obama. After getting retired from here he actively participated in all the political matters. He is still very much active in the political issues even under Donald Trump.

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Personal Life and Relationships

John got married to Julia Thorne and they have got two daughters together. However, the couple went through a divorce as his wife was going through depression. After his divorce, he started dating Teresa Heinz and they eventually got married. In 2003 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer but got the perfect treatment for it. He has been going through health issues all this life. If this isn’t enough he also got into a serious accident and broke his left leg. He loves to go to cycling competitions and that is how he hurt himself.

Net Worth

John is one of the richest politicians and has got a net worth of $250 million. A huge part of his wealth comes from his political career while the other half comes from marriage. Teresa Heinz is the heiress of Heinz ketchup and got this fortune from her first husband. When he died she has to take care of the empire on her own. The combination of both their net worth’s is $1.2 billion that is massive. They have got a big mansion that is an expensive property spread over 18-acre.

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