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John Cena Reveals When He Plans To Retire From WWE

Wrestling fans are always curious to know about their favorite wrestling superstars. They want to know what they are up to or how many matches are coming up. The Veteran WWE Superstar John Cena got the chance to appear on ABC’s Good Morning America. It is not surprising that he is a part of this show to promote the “Vacation Friends” This movie will release on Hulu this coming Friday. John also talked about his loss to WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The SummerSlam pay-per-view this Saturday has come as a surprise for everyone. He even joked about taking the second spot for finishing. Here are more details regarding this story:

What did John Cena reveal about his retirement plans?

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The recent SummerSlam has been a surprise for everyone as John had to suffer a loss against Roman Reigns. He has a lot to say in this interview along with few jokes that he cracks. The reporter also asked him if he will retire from WWE or not. Here is what he reveals:

“Ah man, you know, I finished second place, “Unfortunately in WWE you don’t get a silver medal, but I’ll take second place.”

“You know, I think… and I’ve made this comment before, I think I will try to do the best I can until I feel as if I’m offending the consumer,” Cena said. “A lot of times you want to kinda hold onto that lightning bolt. There is nothing like the energy of being in that ring with the audience around you. There’s nothing like it. I’ve had the fortune and opportunity to do a whole lot of stuff…. that energy is indescribable, that place is my home.

I wouldn’t be who I am without it. “The audience is my family, so I love the environment, but I also want to be kind to them and I don’t want to do it selfishly just to do it. I still feel good, even though I finished second, I still feel pretty good. So, I still feel as if I have something to contribute, so time will tell.”

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John Cena may not be available for WWE in near future

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It seems that the officials of WWE are thinking that John may not be available for their upcoming ventures in the future. For now he is busy with film promotions and has only one date left for WWE. Apart from that he will head to UK for the promotions of another spy thriller named “Argylle. ’’He will be a part of many episodes of “Wipe Out” and a promo will for it will be out in the coming months. Fans will have a lot to anticipate as there are many things coming up from John’s side. If you want to have more information check out the new tweet on the most recent WWE run. You can also check out the new episode of Good Morning America for more details regarding his new movie.

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