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Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth, Early Life, Age, Dating, Marriage & Kids

Jimmy Kimmel is an American television host and comedian. He has done a lot of work but is always remembered because of his late-night show. The late-night comedy show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’’ has been everyone’s favorite for a long time now. He earns an annual salary of $15 million and it only seems to increase over time. The comedy show has become popular since its inception in 2003. Many people didn’t know that he started his career by co-hosting the show ‘The Man Show’. He has also been a part of “Win Ben Stein’s Money” which helped him start his own radio show.

Early Lifestyle

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Jimmy was born on November 13th, 1967 in Brooklyn. He is 53 years old currently and his height is six feet. He has got other three siblings but is the youngest of them all. His family moved to Las Vegas when he was only nine years old. He completed his graduation from the University of Nevada and Arizona State University. He received an honorary degree from UNLV and was always a very bright student. As he was interested in pursuing a radio and television career he started taking steps towards it.

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Radio Career

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Jimmy was always inspired by David Letterman and started working for his own radio show. He quickly started writing some promotional materials for the announcers of Fox. The man show was also his show where he got to work as a sidekick. The radio show named Win Ben Stein’s money also helped him gain a lot of fame. Even though he was doing a supporting cast work he won an Emmy award with his partner.

TV host and other ventures

Jimmy has been the most loved hosts on Television thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live. It is a comedy that has been going on since 2003 and the popularity isn’t going down. He is known for his quick-witted style and comic timings are really good. Just like many other talks shows his show had to face a lot of controversies too. His career as a host has always been on the rise and apart from his TV show he has done various hosting projects. He has successfully hosted Emmy awards, American music awards, and Golden Globe awards. If this isn’t enough he has also hosted many Comedy Central roasts.

Personal Life, Marriage and Kids

Jimmy has been in the limelight for his relationships. Kimmel’s first marriage was with Gina Maddy and they have two children together. His relationship with Sarah Silverman has also been in the limelight. When both the previous relationship didn’t work he got married to Molly McNearney.The couple is blessed with two children together.

Net Worth, Real Estate, and Salary

The total net worth of Jimmy happens to be $50 million. His annual salary has been $15 million. Jimmy is leading a lavish life and he owns a lot of homes in LA. His favorite house is in Beverly Hills that is worth $7 million. The mansion is spread on a wide area of 20,000 square feet.

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