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Jimmy Johnson Net Worth, Early Life, Coaching & More

Jimmy Johnson is an American football coaching legend. You will be surprised to see his career graphic as a coach because most of the teams he has worked with made good records in a football game. He started his coaching career by becoming a head coach for Oklahoma State University and the University of Miami. Due to his great coaching skills, he was drafted into the NFL and started coaching the Dallas Cowboys. His long-term tenure with the team helped them win two super bowl tournaments which are considered a big achievement for any footballer.

He went on to train the Miami Dolphins for a few years and decided to take a retirement from this career. Jimmy is now a prominent sportscaster and sports analyst. Jimmy is considered one of the best coaches in NFL history and many footballers still crave to get some important tips from him. He recently got another prominence by getting his name included in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2020. Apart from his successful coaching career he has many restaurants and is into book writing as well. Let’s get to know him better because we know many fans will be interested to know more about him.

Early Life

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Jimmy was born on 16th July 1943 in Port Arthur; Texas. He is 77 years old currently and living a healthy lifestyle. During his school time, he got attracted to football and wanted to become a part of it. He led a very simple life and after graduation from University teamed up with other members and thought about becoming a coach.

Coaching career

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Jimmy became a coach after a few years of hard work as he started out as an assistant coach for Louisiana Tech University. After assisting many teams he became the head coach of the University of Okhlama. He later became a defensive coordinator for the University of Pittsburgh and all the team under his coaching went on to become very successful.

The major journey of Jimmy as a coaching head began with the Dallas Cowboys and many people were surprised to see that they were completely transformed under him. They didn’t only play well but also won the Super Bowl back to back. Miami Dolphins was the next team who worked with him and became a coach for them before he retired.

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Entertainment career

After getting retired from coaching Jimmy entered into the entertainment world and got success there. He became a sports analyst and started doing Fox NFL Sunday which also became very popular. He started covering some important sports events and the Super Bowl championship. Jimmy also starting writing columns and articles for talent was evident as whatever he did became successful overnight. He started doing some TV commercials and was endorsing many brands for many years. Jimmy got the opportunity to get some good roles in television and worked in the coach and the shield.

Net Worth and personal life

Jimmy got married to Linda Kay Cooper and was blessed with two children. They got divorced and he later got married to Rhonda Rookmaaker in 2010. The total net worth is estimated to be $45 million and he is one of the riches coaches of his time.

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