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Jimmy Fallon Returns for First In-Studio Tonight Show in Months

Jimmy Fallon has been providing fans with home content for 4 months because coronavirus has been a threat to everyone. Happy news has arrived for all the fans as Jimmy has finally returned to the studios. Now we will be getting fresh episodes of the tonight’s show with Jimmy Fallon and they have begun the shoot at Rockefeller Center in Newyork. Everybody loves the comedy show as it is spontaneous and the script is handled quite well. He himself stated in a recent interview that they are back to work safely and getting back to normal work. Today we will be discussing all the important details regarding Jimmy Fallon returns.

Jimmy believes safety comes first for everyone

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

There is no denying that safety for every person filming on the sets is very important. Jimmy Fallon show and the crew are back on the sets and they are shooting your favorite show already. You won’t be surprised to know that there will be no guests inside the studio as they feel safety for the public is equally important. The social distancing rules will be applied for everyone and hand sanitizers are seen on the set. The cast and crew will be following all these major coronavirus restrictions and they all can’t keep you away from entertainment for so long.

The new shows are going to be like a breath of fresh air and he recently interviews Charlie Theron and Newyork Governor Andrew Cuomo. He will also be welcoming another important guest related to music that is Little Big Town. COVID 19 tests are also available for the cast and crew and they all will be checked throughout. Jimmy himself stated that every state in America is still under a lot of threat and the cases have not yet been controlled. He thanked fans for supporting him and told him that now he will be back in action.

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What can you expect from the upcoming episodes of Jimmy Fallon Tonight?

jimmy fallon 3

The upcoming shows are going to feature the Governor of Newyork, a musical guest, and Andrew Cuomo. He will be discussing what possible measures are taken against coronavirus or how people can stay safe in Newyork. Theron discussed another important topic of racism and how the worldwide protests are going on about this very issue. The racial discrimination on her two daughters has been hard to handle but she supports people who have been by his side. It was a heartbreaking time for her and she is not able to come out of it fully.

She will also discuss how George Floyd’s death has been sad news for the black community. Most of the people in America and all over the world are condemning this act and that is why so many protests are going on. Jimmy Fallon has been shooting all the episodes of his late-night show at home. He also got great support from his wife, young daughters, and their pet dog. Just like all his fellow friends and workers, he had to quit his show and shooting at the studio due to coronavirus. He began shooting at a home in the month of March and now after 4-5 months, he is going to be back in action.

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